Mardi Gras 2011

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Joined in 2006
December 26, 2010, 13:27

Howdy all,

Hope all are having a great festive season …

just checking that the march/parade for Mardi Gras 2011 is 5 March????????? – the final weekend of the MG???

What is the theme?

What is the plan?

wanting to do bookings for flights and accommodation, and my daughters may be coming with too …

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December 26, 2010, 19:57

I would be interested in the theme too. So, keep me posted please. 🙂 I am coming down from Brisbane. am staying with a friend in Sydney. and am keen to be part of the F2B group in the MG.

Youth Coordinator
Joined in 2008
December 27, 2010, 22:14

Hey guys,

It’s fantastic to hear that you are excited to march with f2b in Mardi Gras 2011.

It will be held on Saturday March 5th 2011.

The theme this year for freedom 2 b[e] will be ‘find freedom’ – focusing on the journeys to freedom.


Shane Cathcart
Event Coordinator
Joined in 2009
December 28, 2010, 18:11

Hi all,

Thanks so much for your interest, and it will be great to have you joining Freedom 2 B[e] in the Mardi Gras parade on March 5th. If you are booking flights from interstate or overseas, please note there will be a special Freedom 2 B[e] meeting in the evening of March 4th to pickup the group t-shirts, meet others who will also be marching and to join us for a BBQ.

Alot of the planning for the night is still being done, but you should now be able to register to march with us by using the following link:

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December 28, 2010, 20:33

ok. i’ve registered.

Mr Summit
Chapter Leader
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January 2, 2011, 02:46

registered 🙂 A little scary, but fear rarely stops me.

It’s funny, since I have come out I have gotten many messages, emails, encouragements all congratulating me on my newfound freedom. It’s the one consistent thing. I hadn’t thought of it like that before hand, but it is very true.

Joined in 2007
January 2, 2011, 11:50

It’s so good to hear that many people have reacted positively to you coming out, Mr. Summit. I had much the same response from my friends and family and it was very encouraging. Made me wonder why I waited so long. 🙂

Shane Cathcart
Event Coordinator
Joined in 2009
January 2, 2011, 12:54

It’s encouraging to see that we have already had quite a number of people register to march.

That’s also great news, Mr Summit, looking forward to having you along to celebrate the freedom you have found, which fits in well with our theme for the group this year.

Ann Maree
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January 23, 2011, 08:03

This thread has now been moved, along with quite a few others, to the new ‘Mardi Gras Weekend 2011’ section. We want to keep all the Mardi Gras stuff toegther for neatness and ease of finding.


Ann Maree

Joined in 2010
February 24, 2011, 19:47

🙂 Hi everyone

Just about to head over to the train to travel down to Sydney tonight (10 hour trip) and be there ready for Mardi Gras and do some other things while I’m there this week. Really looking forward to meeting new people and also catch up with some that I have already met. Look out Sydney here I come…..whoooohoooo. lol

See you soon Mr Summit 🙂


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