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Joined in 2005
November 12, 2008, 09:57

MCC Sydney CRAVE service continues to impact lives, plant seeds and help people reach Christ. Crave began in 2005 with the vision of 5 people, wanting to meet Christ in a service that reached the pentecostal GLHBTIQq community. That service has been run by a group of 10 people sharing their gifts with the community and has seen amazing growth towards Christ.

We are a Jesus based community, who authentically seeks to serve, imagine, grow, and empower others to be all God wants them to be.

All are welcome. Crave is a safe place for people to celebrate God, heal their brokenness and find that they are loved. Just as they are.

Crave… Home… Just be

Where: Metropolitan Community Church

The MCC Centre

96 Crystal St Petersham (Cnr Brighton St)

Disabled access available & kids welcome


or email [email protected]

Contact the church office for more info

9569 5122

1st 3rd 5th Sunday of the month

“MCC loved me back to life, in a time when felt i was not enough… In a time when i was broken. In a time when I didnt know what I thought of God, what I thought of my sexuality, What I thought of myself. Crave facilitated that for me, brought me back to Christ.. and for that I am eternally grateful.” jannah

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