moving in the 'spirit'

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December 9, 2007, 05:13

Hello all.

i have not posted in a while but have been around reading what people say lol

If it has already been said i figure there is nothing for me to say lol

I have had an interesting little experience in the last couple of weeks, a friend of mine (christian teacher) learnt about me being gay (he works at one of the schools that asked me to resign)

very politely he has offered his friendship to me regardless but wishes to have the opportunity to ‘bring me back’ and convince me that i do not need to be gay. I tried to explain things to him but i guess he could not hear it. We will be having scriptural coffees in the coming weeks in his attempt to bring me back. I agreed on the proviso that he allows me to give as much as i get. So it will be an interesting time lol.

Sort of in this vein but still a seperate issue – Now how to word this – speaking to a bunch of ‘pentecostals’ – how do you see the ‘prophetic’, moving in the spirit deal. In reading the post about Joyce Meyer saying that I am curious – it has added fuel to my fire on this subject. Believing Joyce as with many others to be sincere in their faith, I wonder if the Pente’s have only partly understood the spiritual world? (myself included) I have been in meetings etc where the prophetic is in operation and then suddenly have heard bits that did not seem right, feel right or whatever. I wonder if much of our moving in the spirit’ is much more subject to our personal theology than we care to admit and also, when prior knowledge has not been there for an individual or their situation, do we pick up on certain spiritual ‘vibes’ and our own slant on the issue wavers us to a particular point of view hence influencing our ‘prophecy’?????? What i mean by that is – different people may just have a certain ‘sense’ about someone, whether that be that they are gay, perhaps a violent person or perhaps ‘there is just something about them i do not like’ or whatever. This ‘sense’ then moves us to react in a certain way. Added to this is the reaction/notion of moving in the ‘spirit’.

What do you think??

December 9, 2007, 09:07

The church I grew up in used to talk about moving in the spirit all the time. I would prefer to call it emotionalism.

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December 9, 2007, 20:52

Heres a scripture that helps me when people say they are about to prophesy

1cor 14:3 But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.

So people who prophesy, if they say anything that doesnt adhere to that I question it or dismiss it.

If someone gets a word of knowledge, hopefully they check in to make sure that its meant to be spoken out or not or just kept to themselves, or given privately to the person it is for.

As you say, some people do speak out of their own emotions or from wanting to sound important or from their own heads, as with you my guts just goes “no that just does/doesnt sit”. I always try to listen to my inner voice, even tho its not perfect it does help.

Personally, I have had words of knowledge for people I knew nothing about and it was spot on but that doesnt happen often and never on demand, if you know what I mean. If someone was to ask me to tell them something, I couldnt, unless God was in it and I wouldnt without him, I dont even try.

In all honesty, I dont look for it, it just happens although there have been times where for my own sake, I needed a little revelation as to what was going on for someone I was counselling and at times I would get a peek, other times it was a flat “none of your business 😆 just love them”

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December 10, 2007, 02:47

I am distrustful of ‘moving in the spirit’ as well as ‘discernment’ and ‘words of knowledge’ because I have seen them all misused and been on the receiving end, more than once.

I think that these are genuine gifts, but I also think that they can be something that comes out of someone’s own emotions and prejudices.

I have the same ‘issues’ with laying on of hands for prayer.

These are my own issues to deal with, but they make me wary of attending pentecostal meetings anymore.


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December 10, 2007, 09:20

I am sorry you have experienced that Magz, whenever I had something for someone I didnt know from a bar of soap, detailed stuff going on, it wasnt from my emotions that I spoke and I was always careful to make sure whether to tell them or not and 99.9% of the time it was done in private just spoken to them anyhow if I felt it was ok to tell them. But yes always good to test all things as Paul has said, “test of what spirit it is from” as he said it and not just take it willy nilly.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 10, 2007, 15:47

as a person who used to ‘move in the spirit’ all the time…here a few of my thoughts.

most of the time when something like that happened eg prophecy or word of knowledge it was pretty accurate. Many saw that as supernatural.

I do believe in a metaphysical world……and thoughts are metaphysical.

One thing i would never do would direct people and tell them what they should do. I only ever saw those things as a confirmation of what the person already knew themselves.

I think that these days I would think of it more as intuition…….being intuitive is very important to me a coach…….I have to sense things…..and often do.

like when i get a sense that i need to call someone…….it is usually right. When I get a sense about one of my clients and thier needs… is usually right.

Some may see this as a supernatural gift……but I see it these days as being intuitive……a gift we can all develop more….through increasing our level of awareness

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December 10, 2007, 21:11

well it is good to have ethics about all this, the trouble is that not all do operate under those guide lines and some if not alot of ‘leaders’ that operate in these gifts do not necessarily operate in those guide lines. And even if they do my point of question is that their personal bias/beliefs govern how they operate in these gifts and what is said alot, hence the Joyce Meyer incident. I have seen and ‘sensed’ ministers operating in these gifts and seem quite fine in what they are saying etc and then suddenly they have moved into the ‘flesh’ as it is called and go off on a tangent and most took on what was said without testing it or anything. This can be particularly important when a well respected person does this. They are listened to by the majority yet suspect things said and or done are hardly questioned etc. This is not to say their character is totally flawed but they are still only human.

Another thing I have witnessed personally is that other people outside the christian church can sometimes move in similar ‘gifts’ or whatever you wish to call them. They have been very accurate as well. I wonder if the channels are similar but the heart/spirit is what is the deciding factor????????? Question not a statement.

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December 10, 2007, 21:18

Speaking as someone who has been literally dragged up to the front / altar by a parent so that the visiting speaker can bestow a prophetic word over my young life …. I can say sometimes my spirit responds to what is spoken but most of the time … when what is said is so off that I cannot relate to it … I believe I have the choice to not accept the utterance. Does this negate the possibility that sometimes God can speak through another into your life, just as He can directly to your own heart when one is focussed in on the still small voice – of course not. I believe that God gave each of us the wisdom to discern what sits right for us .. and no one can force a prophetic word or ‘truth’ upon you unless you choose to let them do so. I believe it was a very hard to accept prophetic word that came to me in the shower twenty years ago – when God asked if I would accept that I would never have children … I struggle every now and then with the reality of this – but I have never denied the authenticity of that ‘Word’. Alternatively – words given that I would be a medical missionary overseas have been roundly rejected for being so beyond my life calling / outlook / experience. When I sit in counsel with a friend or a student sometimes – I get an hunch or intuition to ask about something or to engage in deeper dialogue down a particular line of conversation – which leads to an “ah-ha” moment – this too is a spirit led ‘word’ or discernment. My wife has a strong ‘prophetic’ element in her work – she can be more challenging / direct than I am – but she sees amazing breakthroughs in her counselling. I agree that our personal theology and spiritual maturity and experience informs and provides a framework from which springboards any of my ‘words’ or ‘prophetic haunches’ – I’m cool with that. But I don’t go out of my way to seek ‘prophectic words’ for guidance or decision making … and I still run a mile when my parent invites me to a good old pente meeting with a servant ‘prophet of God’. Just my rambling thoughts on the matter….

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December 11, 2007, 09:44

I didn’t mean to imply by my post that I think anyone who moves in these gifts is speaking from their own bias or personality. I’ve certainly seen enough times when the ‘word’ was spot on, to think that these gifts are valid.

The incident for me that stands out most, happened when I was very depressed, clinically diagnosed as suffering from depression, I had a husband who was not good at housework, and three young kids at the time and I was incapable, due to my illness of taking good care of my home.

A pastor came to visit me with his young son and during the course of that visit, had need to take his little boy to the bathroom…

The next Sunday, in front of everyone, he ‘prophesied’ over me on the altar call, that he sees me with a mop, cleaning up.

To say that hurt would be an understatement, and when you’re hurting your rational mind is not with you to tell you to just reject it as being something he spoke from his own bias and feelings.

Espcially given that it was done in front of the entire congregation.

I left that church soon after, and have since heard and seen things about that pastor that are very sad for his family and his ministry and it was only then I was able to divorce myself from my hurt and anger around that situation, see that he was obviously in trouble himself at the time he spoke that word, dismiss it, and forgive him.

It has made me much less trusting of ‘words of prophecy’ but in the end, that’s really a good thing, because I will from now on, have my rational mind on board when someone ‘speaks a word’ over me.

Although, I could say as well that his “Mop” prophecy was spot on in a spiritual sense as my ministry these days seems to be in reaching out to those hurt by church and ‘mopping up’ the mess that has been made. 🙂

Anthony, I think, as you do that oftentimes these things are intuition as well, and intuition is very useful.


Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 11, 2007, 12:04

i think that pastor was operating in other gifts……suspicion, gossip and manipulation come to mind. 😆

insensitivity could be another one………I think we have all seen would could be good, true and wholesome abused at some point.

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