moving in the 'spirit'

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July 10, 2008, 12:23

I too have seen these gifts misused to manipulate or bring about someone’s own agenda instead of God’s. However I have seen the genuine gifts in operation as well. I believe that when our spirits are living in awareness with God’s Spirit we are able to discern and even operate in these gifts. However I agree that these gifts are at best to confirm what we already know to be true in our hearts and spirits.Living and operating in the Spirit is not so much about emotions as it an awareness of God and ourselves outside of just our mind and emotions. Both emotions and the intellect are still a part of our human experience but are also balanced and anchored by spiritual discernment and awareness.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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July 10, 2008, 12:38

yep….unfortunately our humanity is a part of who we are…..imperfect human beings with the spark of the divine in us all.

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July 10, 2008, 13:16

I can say here that a ‘word of knowledge’ was a key part in resolving my last crisis of uncertainty about whether being gay was how God accepted me.

Of course, if I said that in many churches, they would immediately discount the possibility that it was a genuine word of knowledge, because they would assert that God couldn’t possibly approve of my homosexuality.

The implications of this kind of things can be pretty huge!

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July 10, 2008, 14:42

Very interesting topic, everyone, and one very important in my mind these days…

I can only say that I’ve seen a LOT of nonsense and what I’d call UNholy spirit (rather than Holy Spirit) activity in straight churches, but also in the gay charismatic church/people I was with for a time here locally. I have actually been embarrassed by some of what people have come to believe is the “spirit moving”.

I also see a lot of very shady business in those who appear on the television (e.g., Joyce Meyer, et al), and in things like the latest “move of the spirit” (*which* spirit?) in Florida USA these days…

I’m always amazed at people who do not *test* the spirits, as the New Testament clearly tells us to do again and again. The Lord has called on me (just) a few times to speak a vision He’s given to me for someone else, and I would be horrified to think that that other person might simply accept what I had said and not check it out with the Scripture/Spirit first. To me, to not test seems an even more dangerous thing to do than to ignore the message completely.

Not testing the spirits seems to invite all sorts of trouble into one’s life, church, etc. But how often do we fail to test scripturally in other things, as well? For example, the Bible clearly gives us a good checklist for what our spiritual leaders are supposed to be like — and the vast majority of those we follow fail that checklist miserably (they are there for ego, power, the fanfare, career, etc., rather than because God *truly* called them to be there). Then we wonder why we’re so damaged or lead so far astray!

There are several gay pentecostal/charismatic folks here locally that I won’t have anything more to do with, because they simply accept every spirit that comes along and call it “having faith”. They are the most mixed up, often evil, and certainly wasted excuse for Christians one could name. And it all boils down to not doing what the Spirit says: test, test, test!

Anthony Venn-Brown
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July 10, 2008, 17:30

I’d already resigned and left the church when the Toronto blessing thing hit. I think that was a blessing. I was having enough trouble with people (supposedly) going down under the power of the spirit.

Just goes to show how powerful a group mindset can be.

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July 10, 2008, 17:41

Personally I do not seek to receive a word or manifestation of a gift. However when one is given I do weigh it based on scripture and the witness of my own spirit. It is really simple to me to be able to discern if a word or gift is legit. The Holy Spirit is God and will reveal to anyone who is open what is of Him and what is not.

However people are imperfect and so when we are used by the spirit the manifestation of the gift can also be an imperfect manifestation as well. I have seen the gifts abused and it would be easy to discredit or come to a place where one has a suspicious attitude toward any working of the gifts. However when the gifts are in operation in a proper way it is truly a gift and benefit to the church. The Gifts are meant to edify and uplift. If they do not I simply move on. I am on speaking terms with God myself and do not depend on others to hear from God but I do appreciate when God confirms for me through the gifts what he has been dealing with me in my own heart.

I do not put any undue focus on any particular “Christian personality or high profile ministry” God can use anybody He sees fit to use.I try to stay away from any judgmental spirit as well because I have found this attitude in the church to be very destructive.

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July 10, 2008, 21:55

The next Sunday, in front of everyone, he ‘prophesied’ over me on the altar call, that he sees me with a mop, cleaning up. To say that hurt would be an understatement, and when you’re hurting your rational mind is not with you to tell you to just reject it as being something he spoke from his own bias and feelings. Espcially given that it was done in front of the entire congregation.

The one good thing that was drilled into me at the Pente church I went to was that the moving in the spirit is based around knowledge of God, NOT knowledge of each other 🙄 I for one do not want to know that the person in the back row has a back injury, or whatever! This is the kind of stuff that gives Pente churches a bad name with mainstream denominations 🙁 Yep, test the spirits to see if they edify, encourage and strengthen 😀

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July 12, 2008, 23:06

Yes there has been a lot of abuses and misuse of the gifts in the name of the Spirit….and it becomes very clear that it is the wrong spirit. I have also seen misuse of scripture and I still understand the value of scripture. There will never be a perfect church as long as it has people in it. Sometimes these abuses are by sincere, people who are in error and sometimes it is by people who have their own agenda and manipulate for their own reasons.

All Christians must be able to discern and try the spirits and have their own strong relationship with God. The gifts are never a replacement for that. As GLBT Christians we have an advantage because most of us are use to people being in error and we are able to forgive them for their ignorance.

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