Moving to Melb - connecting with other 20-somethings?

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January 5, 2015, 14:50

Hey everyone,

I'm a 24 year old same-sex-attracted male moving to Melbourne at the end of February. I'm wanting to make some friends around my own age, whom can identify with my faith and sexuality.

Frankly, other than two people in Melbourne, I don't know anyone 🙁

I'd love to make contact with people before I move, whom I can meet for coffee, movies, hang out with, potentially go to church with once I get established 🙂 I'll be taking up a job in Coburg.

I'm an easy going, non-judgemental, conservative sort of guy. (Secretly eccentric, into my LP records, reading, gardening, star gazing, Hitchcock movies, finding hidden cafes etc)

If you'd be interested in making contact, just PM me 🙂

Edit: or know who I can get in contact with!

Ann Maree
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January 10, 2015, 23:07

Hi ivanakaleon2014

A big warm welcome to f2b! 🙂

Perhaps if you feel comfortable you might share some of your story in the Telling our Stories section. It would be great to know something about your spiritual beliefs and how those have impacted on your sexuality and vice versa. This will help others connect with you.

Feel free to also contact Michelle and Linda, the leaders of the Melbourne f2b chapter group that meet every month. They would be pleased to say hi and introduce you to others.


Ann Maree

Youth Coordinator
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January 15, 2015, 20:49

Hi ivanakaleon2014

You'll enjoy Melbourne. It's a great city and I would really encourage you to check out freedom2b down there. They have monthly meetings in South Yarra and there's a bunch of twenty-somethings. 🙂

Also, welcome to f2b. 🙂


Mother Hen
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January 16, 2015, 09:20

Hi, good luck with your move. It can be scary moving to a new city especially if you don't know anyone. As already mentioned connect with the F2B group in Melbourne, meetings are a great place to touch base and connect with people. 🙂

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January 16, 2015, 10:25

Thanks for the tips – will do! 🙂

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January 20, 2015, 00:05

Hello and welcome to Melbourne 🙂

As the others have already said we do have a chapter in Melbourne which will be meeting back on the third Friday in Feb. We will post more details on the website closer to that date and also the Feb enewsletter will let you know. If you are in Melbourne for Sunday Feb 1st we are also marching in 'Pride march' in St Kilda so please feel free to find us and say "Hi" we are a friendly bunch…really!

Welcome and we look forward to hopefully catching up and helping you connect with others.

Warm regards


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