Next MCC Video/Photographic Workshop

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May 1, 2009, 20:23

by Shane Anderson

Hi there, you are invited to join the team of Metropolitan Community Church, 96 Crystal Street Petersham, on SUNDAY 14th JUNE (1pm) for its


Sponsored by Nikon Australia and Teds Camera Stores (Aust)

a fun learning experience featuring special guests such as

RICHARD FARR from Digital Video Experts,

ALEX PHOTOPAINT (AMB & Freelance Model Photographer)

and many more.

Prepare NOW to enter either your MACRO Photographs or 5 minute Short Movie and win great prizes and FREE GIFTS on the day.

Entry only $5.00 donation (goes toward the work of MCC in the GLBTI Community).

For more information contact Shane at: [email protected]

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