November Sydney Meeting - Pursuit Of Equality

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Shane Cathcart
Event Coordinator
Joined in 2009
November 1, 2009, 19:48

PURSUIT OF EQUALITY is an emotionally charged film that puts a face on American citizens who strive for marriage equality. From the first frame of the film, even before the press is aware, this film crew is with Mayor Gavin Newsom’s senior staff as the nation’s first same-sex couple exchange their vows and ignite the most controversial civil rights topic in recent history.

The story continues on the streets, in the courtrooms, and on the steps of City Hall, where same-sex couples clash with church groups who declare that who they are and how they love is a sin.

In Life changing moments, this film focuses on the compelling, human rights struggles surrounding same-sex marriage and captures the elation and despair of couples and families who are fighting for equal rights.

As the only film crew in the Mayor’s chambers during the most crucial of times, this extraordinary film provides a telling ‘fly-on-the wall’ view as this historic event unfolds.

What makes this historic film even more interesting is that after this battle was one. It was later revoked, then won back again then lost again.

You can view the trailer here:

When: Friday 6 November 2009

Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start (finish 9.00pm)

Where: Lower ground floor – Rooms 9-10 ACON Building,

9 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills Sydney

See map

After our formal meeting you are welcome to join us for a reasonably priced dinner or a snack at Betty’s Soup Kitchen, Oxford St and possibly a drink as well after that. STAY AS LITTLE OR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. Always interesting conversation with quality people.

If you want further details then email [email protected] or phone 0416 015 231

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
November 2, 2009, 10:27

this documentary has won all the awards below….not to be missed.

Also the doco goes for 80 minutes so make sure you are there before 7.30 as we will commence right on that time and you’ll miss out on the important intro and also disturb others watching if you are late. thanks for your consideration.

2005: San Francisco International Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary

2006: San Luis Obispo Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary

2006: Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary

2006: Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary

2006: Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Documentary

2006: Palm Springs International Film Festival, Best of the Fest

2009: GLAAD Media Awards, Special Recognition for Directors Geoff Callan and Mike Shaw

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