Religion, Marriage & Euthanasia - Q&A

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May 29, 2013, 08:29

This weeks Q&A was quite interesting.

It certanly generated some heated Facebook discussions.

These are some of my personal opinions of the episode – I just wondered – what did other people think.

I want to note that I make these observations noting that its hard to answer these things "on the fly" in front of an audience – and that you have to stay on the question – so i think they all did pretty well

I thought it most interesting that the different possitions just spoke different languages in general there seemed to be a disconnect between Fred Nile's position and the rest..

Fred Nile (someone I have meet on a number of accasions many many years ago) was flatly not interested in any other position.

When he did try to build a case – it was interesting – but I thought he used – questionable means to do so. on several occasions.

For example – he cited Sodom as proof Jesus spoke about Homosexuality – but ignored Gene – when Gene pointed out that Jesus explicitly LISTS the Sins of Sodom for which they were punished; such as the sin of oppressing the poor ( Isaiah does to but Fred dissed the old testament several times)

What I found interesting about it was that all the people on the panel – believed in working together and respect for others believes and tolerance. This ranged from the Atheists to the Episcapalian Bishop. Fred Nile – stood out as the one who was NOT INTERESTED in any of that…..

And that point was made – Some people have become so focused on the whole Anti Gay thing – they have forgotton what Jesus TOLD US TO DO – which was to look after the poor, the sick etc (Interestingly – Fred quotes that very – verse where Jesus says begone I do not know you – but IGNORED the bit where he says – its because you have not looked after the poor, the homeless, the sick and those in Jail. An astounding ommisson from a "Man Of God as its the entire POINT of the verse"

(and its interesting – when a sick person ask Fred Nile why He voted against legislation to stop hius suffering [Euthenasia] – he basically quoted anecdotal evidence of indigenous peope being scared of hospitals in NT – with no studies to back it up – AND told the guy he shouldnt be suffering and that was his answering. In otherwords Hes more concerned with Morality than he was about the actual suffering of people or finding a solution for this guy.

The rest of the panel acknowledged that voluntary euthenasia was difficult to legislate – and maybe we dont have it worked out yet – but that they understood the guys sufferent…. A much more understanding and empathic response from all the others.

In summary – Fred seems to lack any empathy or concern for his fellow man (protestations about Love to the contrary.

These are just my personal opinions – Im sure others got different results out of it (and I was working as I watched)


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May 29, 2013, 18:48

Hi Shadowboxer 🙂

Linda and I also watched Q&A. We were not really surprised about Fred Niles contributions during the panel, as you suggested, his position has remained pretty much the same so I suppose others on the panel had a fair idea already of what to expect from him.

I was appreciative of Bishop Gene's responses to him though. He really could have taken more 'ground' if he wanted to but was quite respectful of Fred and the other panelists. He was pointed in his answers and I felt it was a successful panel really. It came across that no one really agreed with Fred Niles position and it could have turned nasty I suppose but he brought about his own negative responses and was prepared to stand steadfast on them!

My thoughts are that Gene was gentle and humble.

With warmth


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May 29, 2013, 18:56

I knew Fred many years ago

and my sense (which I admit could be shaded by time) is that he has changed..

I think that he has become so focussed on the battle that he has forgotten many of the reasons and beliefs that led him to be concerned for gays in the first place.

the Fred I remember – had an empathy and a concern for people that one would expect from a minister of christ. I didnt see that in the Q&A episode…

I wonder if many (like the ACL and Fred and others) have become so focussed on the battle they have forgotten the message.

As you say – Gene came across well – AND not combative – and what many people forget is Jesus said to Turn the other cheek. To love your enemies and to help them. NOT to oppose them.

I thought it was quite a good showing by MOST of the panel members actually…..

Ann Maree
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May 30, 2013, 22:54

Sadly I missed the show and only tuned in as it was finishing. As Michelle said, i would not have been surprised by Fred's position but good to hear of Bishop Gene's humble position.


Ann Maree

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