sissy boy experiments

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January 24, 2012, 10:53

Came across these video's which really touched my heart and almost led me to tears. Just wondering what others think?

Ann Maree
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January 24, 2012, 16:18

Hi Brunski

As the title suggests, these clips involve experimental things done to a child. It was as I expected, very distressing to watch. I only got a third of the way through the first one and had to stop it. I won't be watching the others.

So note to others before watching: these clips contain distressing content.

We are who we are. And it's horrifying to think that a child would be judged then punished based on what toys he chooses to play with. I recall vividly when I was 5 years old how a beloved teacher's helper suggested I should have a doll in my pusher rather than my much loved teddy. She was puzzled about that and I couldn't understand why it mattered. And the thing is – it didn't matter. But she put some doubts in my mind about myself which were unnecessary and unhelpful.

What were your thoughts, Brunski?


Ann Maree

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July 16, 2013, 17:15

Hi all

I have just watched the CNN video detailing the (nowadays labelled abusive)

'behavioural/masculinity' 'treatment' of the poor young fellow depicted.

I felt shocked watching this : I am lucky not to have experienced quite such a

'repressive' and 'regressive' normalising 'upbringing' : however, such a depiction

of such disgraceful 'treatment' of a four year old (HOW could they be so arrogant ?),

helps me understand more why I did feel confused for many years : however,

I'm lucky I grew up without quite such cruel treatment (I did experience much

bullying, and some outright cruelty as a child myself); and I'm lucky that I did

meet an openly gay man in 1979 (I met many before but they were never 'out')

( Bill regrettably died through HIV/AIDS) in 1979

– guess where he came out ? – yep in a Therapy group !

[ there's more to my own history, but here is not the time nor place ].

Only now (2013), does the Victorian Government FINALLY provide through

their 'Better Health Channel' some excellent FACT SHEETS on gay (male)

issues and that, I think, is ALL to the GOOD !

– for those seeking to educate health providers or (only) trusted relatives,

I recommend that (young or not-so-young) men DO look these resources up;

one HOPES that, over time, people like that Doctor (and one formerly based

at a now notorious sex-re-assignment Clinic in U. S. A.), fully realise how

THEY were manipulated by their culture of their time,

to 'normalise' (i.e. hetero-sexualise) every person in sight.

– best to NOT blame the individual, who thought what they were doing

was 'Christian' (it wasn't), yet to confront that whenever & wherever,


AS IF they had any right EVER to do so !

My Regards


60 y. o. member.

P. S. I have worked with at least one young man whom I feel sure suicided for very

that very same reason (i.e. being gay was not acceptable THEN) (it IS!)

Mother Hen
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July 17, 2013, 14:31

Thanks for the heads up Ann Maree, I won't be watching them. As Ann Maree said Brunksi what did you think of the videos and what was your motivation in posting them.

Hope you are well Brunski 🙂

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