Sydney February Meeting - The Science And Psycology Of Sexual Orientation

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Shane Cathcart
Event Coordinator
Joined in 2009
January 29, 2010, 17:35

Special Guest Speaker – Terese Hutchison

Terese Hutchison has broad experience in working as a vocational educator and counsellor and she is currently undertaking her final year of a Master of Clinical Psychology in order to establish her private practice in 2011. Terese has a passion for empowering others to overcome adversity and develop psychological well-being and resilience. This passion was initially ignited by her own struggles and victory over an incapacitating childhood illness, post-traumatic stress as a result of being a victim of adult abuse and domestic violence, and her life long struggle with the “black dog” of depression.

Terese found peace in 1996 when she became a Christian, and in 1997 became a member of a Pentecostal church, but she was removed from her office within the church in 2000 when she “came out” to the church. Terese has spent the last 9 years journeying her way back to peace, resilience and psychological well-being. Terese is a former board member of Freedom 2 b[e].

When: Friday 5th February 2010

Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start (finish 9.00pm)

Where: Lower ground floor – Rooms 9-10 ACON Building,

9 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills Sydney

After our formal meeting you are welcome to join us for a reasonably priced dinner or a snack at Betty’s Soup Kitchen, Oxford St and possibly a drink as well after that. STAY AS LITTLE OR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. Always interesting conversation with quality people.

If you want further details then email [email protected] or phone 0416 015 231

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