Taboo Topics - What do YOU think?

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Joined in 2007
March 18, 2008, 23:20

Well said Orfeo, thanks.

A taboo is a strong social prohibition (or ban) against words, objects, actions, discussions, or people that are considered undesirable or offensive by a group, culture, society, or a community. Breaking a taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent. Some taboo activities or customs are prohibited by law and transgressions may lead to severe penalties. Other taboos result in embarrassment, shame and rudeness.

Taboos can include:

dietary restrictions (halal and kosher diets, religious vegetarianism, and the prohibition of cannibalism)

restrictions on sexual activities, gender roles and interpersonal relationships, fornication, adultery, interreligious marriage, miscegenation, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia and other paraphilias)

restrictions of bodily functions (burping, flatulence, defecation, urination, masturbation, nosepicking, and spitting)

restrictions on state of genitalia (circumcision or sex reassignment)

restrictions on exposure of body parts (pornography and nudity)

taboos on illicit drugs, substance abuse and addictions to legal drugs such as alcohol (alcoholism)

restrictions on the use of offensive language also known as obscenity and vulgarity

Some taboos originated by acts of authority, be it legal, social or religious, over a period of time. When not in “polite society”, discussions on taboos are allowed in humorous expression, such as comedy and satire like in South Park or Beavis and Butthead.

okay, now that I have looked up the meaning or explanation of Taboo. Hmmm think we have a different name for it. Its called “Love you neighbour as you love yourself” basicially boiling down to respecting each other so therefore we would not have a taboo issue hmmm smiling. Anyone thoughts?


Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
March 18, 2008, 23:24

I’m going to take great liberty as a moderator and summarise this thread…..and also have the final word I’m afraid. (there has to be some perks eh Maggie :lol:) If anyone feels they would like to open up the discussion again they can do so. My feeling is that everything that needs to be said has been.

I wonder if we have all observed what exactly has gone on here on this thread.

1. Over a number of years on forums and more intensely on F2B over the last two, I observed that some topics seem to be counter productive, in that they go around in circles and/or people get het up over them, I wanted to gauge what the community felt about whether these kind of discussions were productive or helpful. I suggested one of those topics might be people personal view of the bible. It was only one suggestion.

2. It didn’t take too long before the thread deteriorated into the very thing that I was highlighting. At one point I must admit I almost regretted introducing the topic.

3. Just from this one thread people have been hurt, one may have left us for good and some others threatened to leave. Mmmmmmm …..I said to myself…….interesting. This surely is not what we are about. This is not a safe space for everyone.

4. Reading through the posts one can see that it is easy for us to be strongly opinionated about something, sometimes insensitive and people have triggers that come from their past hurts.

5. Another thing that has concerned me came through on Mazdragons post. Not everyone finds a heated, intense, strong debated engaging, actually quite the opposite and keeps them out of the discussion or possibly even worse, they never come back.

6. We’ve also learnt that we ALWAYS need to think about:

a) If we SHOULD respond (sometimes its best to leave it, I do that often, because my post would be coming out of anger)

b) HOW we should respond. (the way we say things is often more important than what we are saying, highly developed written communication skills are a great asset)

7. So there will be no taboo topics at this stage but hopefully a more considerate, enlightened and sensitive discussion.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

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