Ted Haggard starts a new church.

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June 3, 2010, 07:30

Interesting Ted Haggard To Open More Inclusive Church

its interesting don’t know how it will work out.

Its Gods ideal gave a shock. Never thought about that in that way.

Cited< /cite>

Let me say something regarding your question regarding same-sex marriage. … I answered it by saying, ‘it is God’s ideal.’ It is also God’s ideal that people pray continually, it is God’s ideal that all of us have our weight under control. It is God’s ideal that mothers never get so frustrated and heart broken that they yell at their children. It is God’s ideal that there not be any abuse or poverty or shame in people’s lives. … God has ideals, that’s what we discuss. But earth is not heaven. And here on earth, sexuality is very complex and very confusing. Weight issues are a deep struggle that people go through, health issues, prayer issues, whether there is a God issue. … Inside the Church we discuss God’s ideals, but the discussion about public policy is a total separate discussion.

the leaders of New Life Church and others would not be happy with this announcement.

I think its not a bad thing that he start a new church where people can be people. But like I said I will see how it will work out.

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June 3, 2010, 14:19

Also see this article from the Sydney Morning Herald…

I am very wary of Ted Haggard and any new church he is starting. This man has in the past spoken against homosexuality countless times and the fact that he was sleeping with a male prostitute adds only to the fact that those that are often most anti-gay are gay themselves. Gayle Haggard (His wife) has a book out called ‘Why I stayed?’ which they sell at Koorong and Christian retailers and essentially it reinforces the ex-gay message for partners of so called ‘ex-gays’ that it is a noble calling to be a wife of an ‘ex-gay’. This is completely degrading to Gayle as we know that people never really change. Poor woman. My heart goes out to her.

“At his new church, Haggard said he will teach that God intended marriage to be a monogamous union of a man and a woman. But he said heterosexual marriage was just one ideal in a long list of things God wants people to do, including pray, be healthy and stay monogamous” (SMH, 2010).

An interesting quote above. I think it’s an improvement on what he would’ve said a few years ago but for some reason I am still deeply concerned.

What are your thoughts? :~

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June 5, 2010, 19:46

(Unless we have a clear word from God to the contrary – and few of can really claim that) we do need to be wary, but not condematory. Time will tell if his motives are honourable.

Some people with a clear preaching gift simply can’t help themself – they just HAVE to preach. It’s an imperative which drives them. And that means they just have to seek out, or accept, any pulpit opportunity. Most of us would know pastors who go on holidays, then readily accept an invitation from their colleague at their holiday town to “do the sermon on Sunday”.

Some may be driven by the sense of power of heading a church or Christian ministry.

But, some have a Job-like experience, then God brings them back into ministry – humbled and chastened.

For me, it would have to be a very strong motivation &/or divine calling to “swallow my pride” and re-enter a public ministry . . . if I’d been through the public humiliation he’s been through.

The Christian culture and public psyche in USA is somewhat different to that here in Australia.

It will indeed be interesting to hear what transpires for Ted Haggard in the years ahead. I would like to think that – if God is in it – it will prosper. If not, if it’s just of man, it will quickly wither. Let’s pray for the best and that no-one gets hurt along the way . . . which ever way it turns out.

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June 24, 2010, 09:45

My thoughts? Wish they could admit that they are working out and walking through a Mixed Orientation Marriage which seems to be the case! That would be, acknowledging that he is gay/bisexual while also accepting that his values – personal and spiritual – hugely influence the decision to stay together as a couple while they gain clarity for themselves. We can’t change who we are but we can still make choices that are more ‘truthful’ and indeed more helpful for their ‘followers’ …..


“We are who we are and God is so Ok with that but we aren’t – why?”

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