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Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
October 11, 2005, 13:42

Read this first before you write and post your story.

Please note that if you want to post your own story – posting it as a New Topic will create your own unique thread that you can update at any time and others can respond to. Use the New Topic button to do that.

Also please use a topic format in the Subject line like

“Gay Male 54 ex AOG preacher/married/now out”

“Lesbian 34 not out – Questioning’

Michele – transexual christian

“Bobby 45 – Once Pentecostal now spiritual”

Changed Straight Christian 38 – Changed my beliefs not my orientation

Christine 19 Bi? – still working it all out

Jason 25 Youth leader – Gay and Over it

which will make it easier for people to find stories close to their own experiences. If you want to respond to a particular story then hit the reply button while the actual story is open.

Also we have some guidelines to keep this group a safe place and beneficial for all. You can read those here.

The most important thing when writing your story is to try and keep it under 1000 words. that way more people will read and comment. We’ve found that if they are over that people tend to loose interest…….and you’d like them to read to the end wouldn’t you.

You can always elaborate more when you post further comments and replies.

Another simple hint is that it is not really necessary to be sexually explicit. We have both males and females on the forum and also you this is a public space and you never know who might be reading and put two and two together. Only registered users can post though.

Additional helpful info:

We have had many people post their story here and then people have commented, encouraged and supported……but we don’t hear back. This is because people aren’t aware they need to subscribe to the thread in order to know that people are replying.

So when you post your story you hit the subscribe button at the bottom of the post then you will receive an email notification when people reply to your story.

If it gets too much you can always un-subscribe to the individual thread by clicking on the link in the emails you receive.

It will say something like this

| Direct unsubscribe link (thread):


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