The Church, God, Transsexualism, Lesbianism and Me

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March 1, 2008, 12:34

Hi Everyone

I thought the title might catch a few eyes … it is more a question than statement though. So if you have opened this post looking for some profound revelation I apologise in advance.

The Church … being the body of Christ made of all those that believe in him. That includes us here … if I am not wrong. Unfortunately we have come to believe that the Church is a structure in fact with four (sometimes more) walls and roof otherwise a non communicative structure. If that were truly the case people would not have a problem with the Church as we don’t have problems with entering other buildings or dwellings. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the Church is a made up of people who bring with them many problems … Christ has chosen this group for which we are a part to be His body. 🙄 Why is that? The answer for me is simple … it is the purpose for which we were created.

There are problems with the Church this side of glory and that is that the name has been abused and used to mean organisations from which many of have been either officially or unofficially excommunicated. Myself being one of those who have experienced that. 😥

Being transsexual I couldn’t hide in the pews (they were actually plastic seats where we went) and hope that no one would notice. It becomes pretty obvious when you start growing breasts and looking increasingly more feminine. 😆

I love God and so does my partner we miss being able to go somewhere to worship with others and express that love in song. We do it privately and share a devotion time and pray (not as much as we should). But we desperately miss that time once a week where we can just give Him something back in worship. 🙁

In saying that we need to find somewhere that if they find out about my past I will not be judged … also we need a place where we won’t be judged for being a lesbian couple either.

I suppose the questions I have are there safe places where we can worship or do we need to just wait and see. One of the ladies on ATSN shared that the Anglican Church her mum goes too are accepting of transsexuals. But my neighbour is an Anglican minister and will have nothing to do with me … his wife cool well least she waives. But he won’t even give me the time of day … sad really.

I would love to hear what others have expereinced and whether there are such places this side of glory where we can go and worship in freedom and love.

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March 1, 2008, 21:39

I would imagine that most MCC churches would not excommunicate you. People who hold a progressive opinion on homosexuality (usually but not always) also hold one on transexualism. Obviously your sexuality would also be affirmed.

If it makes you feel any better the people at my chruch signed a petition to kick me out because I refused to deny being attracted to women. However the board of elders couldn’t find anything heretical about my belief system with which to excommunicate me 🙄

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March 1, 2008, 22:05

Thanks Sandy … that is terrible what happened to you and really sad. You think if they were really concerned about you they would rather rally around and embrace you with love. Not what they did. Anyway that is how I think.

The members of the Churches I attended won’t return my emails, letters or cards. I had the pastor say hello to my wife but totally ignore me at the shops at New Years. I was an elder at that pastor’s Church … I worked hard in service for God doing many other things. So they probably see me as a traitor. Well I did get one letter from a family … condemning me. I have thought I should turn up in best skirt and blouse to a sunday service sit at the front and make sure I have my arm around my wife. But I am afraid I might get stoned at the front gates of the Church by the elders. 😆 That is human thinking and not profitable.

Rather I will look up the MCC churches near were we live and write to them and explain my circumstances and see what happens. I will post how I get on. Much better and more Godly idea I think.

Thank you again … It was lovely to hear from you Sandy … I really appreciate it.

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March 2, 2008, 08:18

I’ll admit t being surprised my church took to me so badly. I am not pro-gay and am not in a relationship, nor do I affirm gay relationships so I could never really figure out why they didn’t like me. In the end people are just afraid of the ‘other’ and transexual people tend to be viewed as more ‘other’ than most. Good luck finding a church. God is in control and He will eventually lead you to the right place.

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March 2, 2008, 08:31

Thanks Sandy … He has lead me thus far. I prayed for years about my medical condition. Eventually I got lead to the truth about it. That my true gender was in fact female. I recall struggling with guilt and condemnation one day and prayed intently about that very thing. On that night I had a dream, in the dream Jesus spoke to me and said that I was not sinning as I was a woman. I woke up immediately. Everytime I feel low or have doubts or come under condemnation … I am immediately reminded of that dream. I don’t trust dreams normally. But the medical evidence that I was female was overwhelming plus I have never been healthier in my whole life since starting hormone therapy and living as a woman. The many medical problems I had just disappeared within two weeks of starting HRT. Everything I mentioned I have explained to one of the elders of the church I went too plus I gave them a lot more personal information … he has never replied to my email.

I sent an email to MCC here in Brisbane. Hopefully I get a postive response. It is just wait see.

Thanks again … I hope you have been able to find somewhere safe to worship.

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March 2, 2008, 11:07

Well…I…er… moved country so that helped 😆

Transexualism is one of those grey areas for me (and this is a big deal since there are few grey areas). It’s absolutly possible that through a lack of adregons a man could be born and look more like a woman. In fact many don’t relaise until they get a genetics test for something else. I have seen pictures of women with adam’s apples and men who have male genitalia but also overies and breasts. The same could be said for a woman being born to look like a man then too. The evidence that transexualism is a legitimate consequence to some type of hormone deficiency makes medical sense.

Keep me posted on how MCC goes, I will pray about it.

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March 2, 2008, 11:32

Hi Sandy

Thank you for your prayers.

Wow which country do you now reside … I have had to move within Queensland for work but moving overseas that’s a huge move.

If you are interested I can send you information on transsexualism … it is a neuro-biological condition caused by the presences or absence of hormones during pregnacy. Meaning that the child is born with the innate characteristics of one gender with the genitals of the other. The problem is that females brains and endocrine systems don’t respond well to androgens and male brains and endocrines don’t respond well to female hormones. When the correct hormones are given to match the innate gender the suferers thoughts clear and a lot of the emotional and in my case physical problems disappear. It is amazing … when you have been through years of physical and emotional pain and to have it disappear in the space or two weeks and then only improve … it is nothing short of amazing.

Will let you know how we get on. I have a postive attitude to life so I am hoping all will go well.

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March 2, 2008, 13:09

Well I was offered a job at the University of California, San Deigo but I love Australia and was not planning on taking it until my dad came out and I responded like a spoilt child and a coward, I ran away. I’m great at denial and I figurred if I wasn’t around it see it then it wasn’t really happening. 🙄

Thanks for your offer, as I said I work at a university so there is inormation there if I ever want to look it up.

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March 2, 2008, 14:51

What amazes me in this conversation as great as it is, is that it is more accepted that transexuals were born as the gender they truly get surgery for to be , yet a person of same-sex orientation wont have anyone believe they were born that way even with the growing medical evidence, I just dont get it. It makes me angry but more than anything sad. If a person is born a certain way then it cant be helped, whats accepted for one should be accepted for another. This isnt aimed at anyone in particular, Im just commenting on the views of many that think that way and this conversation just reminded me of such.

I know from Leece and also a friend of mine Lorraine of the difference in even the gland in the brain for transexual ladies and guys (is this term correct for m-f and f-m?)

Their is just so much evidence. And yet God answers our prayers,we get dreams, we get visions, we get words for people in spite of what many Christians think that we are the devils kids, would God still do all this if we were in sin? He doesnt condemn us so why should anyone else? It would be very cruel if after showing us so much love and favour God would then pull the plug on us and say “yeh so what you believe in Jesus, sorry its not enough, you didnt do this this or this, go to hell” I very much doubt he is like that and it isnt even scriptural.

If Jesus isnt enough then what is? and if anyone can think that Jesus isnt enough, Im afraid they are in danger of standing against God himself and what he planned as being enough and what Jesus himself as God on earth said we had to do and was considered enough.

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March 2, 2008, 17:39

Hi Magsdee

Leece has shared with me how great you are and I tend to agree with her on that one. I know what you are saying … unfortunately though while science is proving that transsexualism is biological the message is getting lost as most Churches don’t get it. I know mine didn’t.

The evidence is growing for the biological causes for homosexuality. They are actually doing more research on that than they are on transsexualism. So it will catch up. But people will believe what they want and we will still face the same ignorance. Just they won’t have excuse anymore.

If you want to chat more about transsexualism I am happy for you to give me a call. Leece has my phone numbers and I am happy for her to give them to you.

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