What UK evangelicals really think

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January 28, 2011, 19:35

A landmark survey of what British evangelicals believe has been released by the Evangelical Alliance in the UK.

Amongst the many results, are the following of possible interest :

62% think sex before marriage is wrong.

59% agree a lot that homosexual sexual acts are wrong; 14% agree a little; 11% are unsure; 8% disagree a little; and 8% disagree a lot.

Details of the survey at:

Anthony Venn-Brown
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January 29, 2011, 00:56

is this a shift backwards or forwards

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January 29, 2011, 09:57

It is not possible to know if these statistics indicate a trend, as they do not indicate:

1/ if this survey has been done before

2/ if these questions have been asked before – specifically, the 3 relating to homosexuality:

So, AVB, there is no way of knowing based on this report if attitudes have improved / not improved.

I read through the data result page. Ok – boring stuff for some – but this sort of data analysis is my job. :bigsmile:

Anyway, some important points to consider – the survey results are based on 17,298 questionaires received / processed. That is made up of the following:

  • 14511 from 88000 festival attendees = 16.49% of festival goers participated in survey

  • 1159 from 273870 church attendees = 0.42% or less than 1% church goers participated in survey.

  • 1628 from other sources.

I think these percentages speak for themselves – especially as they do not state how many surveys were actually handed out.

The three questions relating to homosexuality were the following – i’ve obtained the following percentages by combining the percentage of church / festival goers in the report.

Table 6.7: Homosexual feelings

Question: I believe that it is wrong to have homosexual feelings.

19% – Agree a lot

12% – Agree a little

22% – Unsure

23% – Disagree a little

26% – Disagree a lot

Table 6.8: Homosexual actions

Question: I believe that homosexual actions are always wrong.

64% – Agree a lot

13% – Agree a little

11% – Unsure

7% – Disagree a little

7% – Disagree a lot

Table 6.9: Blessing civil partnerships

Question: I believe homosexual couples should be able to have civil partnerships blessed in churches.

4% – Agree a lot

3% – Agree a little

11% – Unsure

11% – Disagree a little

72% – Disagree a lot

It is interesting that people in churches / festivals who participated in this survey, are ok, as long as we hide ‘ourselves’ and are not ‘active’.

And I suppose it is interesting that they are asking church goers these questions, at all.

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