William's Life So Far. Part II

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August 9, 2007, 12:46

Hya All, William here again.

I just wanted to write some more of my “mini-autobiography” again.

It has been a few months since I wrote on here last. I have attended one Friday night meeting when David (?) from Hillsong was talking about his life.

About three to four months ago, I attended a workshop through ACON (Aids Council of NSW). It was a 6 week course for gay men between the ages of 25-45 (or similar ages).

We chose various topics to talk about. While some of it could have been handled better by the leaders, it was a still a beneficial time for me.

I have made three good friends out of that group that I continue to see, so that’s one blessing: I finally have several gay friends in my life.

As of today (Thursday 9 August 2007), I have just finished reading Anthony’s book, “A Life of Unlearning”.

I read it one week. I had just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, also in one week when I finally bought Anthony’s book from the Darlinghurst Bookshop.

(The fact that I have read two books in one week each is amazing for me!LOL I haven’t read books that quickly in years…)

I definitely appreciated his story. While only about half of his experiences are my experiences, I can still relate a lot. I am just about 35 but, fortunately(!), I have never got married or had children. I have spared myself that or been spared that (destructive) experience. I do want children one day, some how, but this time in my life is not the right time.

I came out late, at 27, which maybe was good in some ways. If I had known I was gay in my teens, I probably would have been dead many years ago.

In having gone through that ACON course and having read Anthony’s book, I am more comfortable with myself.

I am not completly happy with where I am in my life but even compared to 6-18 months ago, I DEFINITELY in a better place but still have some more work to go in my emotional life.

I have been out several times on Oxford St with my new friends and once with Anthony and the gang after that Friday night meeting I went to.

There is a lot more I feel that I want to write but this is what has come out for now.

So until Part III, have a good one.

William Taylor (aka Naughty Bear) 8)

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August 9, 2007, 13:17

Naughty bear how cute wink Thats great wilzy that some great positive changes forward have happened and that you have good friends and support around you. I know that you will do well as the time rolls on, its never a quik move forward although occassionally some things can move us forward faster than others, but well done. D I look forward to Part III.

Its awesome that you are sharing your journey. D

Anthony Venn-Brown
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September 1, 2007, 19:19

hey William…..somehow i missed your post. so glad to hear that the ACON course was helpful…….I’m sure you will find lots of wonderful people to connect with out there in our community.

Of course when we are happy with who we are it certainly helps us connect with others.

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