Would Jesus Discriminate?

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September 13, 2009, 14:08

The 21st Century Question is upon us… Would Jesus Discriminate? Do You?

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if you live, work or play in this 21st Century world, you experience discrimination of some sort.

Each one of us has a personal story of dealing with the painful feeling aroused by exclusion or rejection.

If each of us were to begin listening carefully to our neighbors’ stories of rejection, then our attitudes toward our fellow citizens would begin to shift in a positive way.

The Would Jesus Discriminate? Campaign and program is designed to engage people of all backgrounds and in all communities in the important topic of discrimination in order to spur this shift. For millennia, societies and religions have participated in discrimination against their members in overt and subtle ways. From perspectives of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity to the more subtle ongoing oppression regarding health, age and language (to name but a few).

Join in this discussion. Even better…join a campaign! But don’t let the question “Would Jesus Discriminate?” pass you by!

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