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December 4, 2009, 08:39

Tony i have never struggeled with that, I hear what you are sying tho. I think that for my friend it was exhausting as he presented aa a straight men. In fact i have often asked him what his friends thought of him being in a relationship with me. he was extermly homophobic! I reckon that they were asking questions and that is why he got off the Gold Cast. However he fell straight into the arms of another man, which I have just found out oabout. the gay grapevine is very small. The difference here is that he is a confirmed narsacist as well so 95% of what came out of his mouth was a lie. He is a walking lie. I have had to come to terms with that and I cant yet, He has blocked everyone up here out out his life in case they found out. Well thats exhausting. I never had to defend myself. In fact my hairsressed asked me a feqw weeks ago about him and I. I told her but she already knew.

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December 6, 2009, 21:38

I know for a fact that it can be exhausting when you’re always monitoring what you say, how you say it, your hand movements, your non-verbal cues etc … the list goes on … why bother? It does take some courage to tell work colleagues that you’re gay … timing is all important, as is identifying person/s who you know you can trust.

Sometimes in the workplace, this is often harder in practice than it is in theory, because you are essentially sharing very personal information. I know that I’m very conscious of my wording ie I always use the term “partner” and never husband or wife when I’m speaking with work colleagues.

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