Any Teachers?

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September 17, 2007, 20:33

Dear All –

I have read many of the posts on this forum, and quite honestly l am blown away. For so long l have felt as if l were “on my own” as it were?

My question: Are there any young Christian teachers kicking around this place? Would love to hear from you. Are you “out” in your school? How does that impact on your position? Parents? Kids? Staff? etc.


27 years old. In a country Catholic school. Work heavily in youth ministry – big organisation (worldwide). Finding the going tough (Always have). Became a Christian 6 years ago…



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September 17, 2007, 21:49

we have some teachers on here. I worked as a teacher but do not now… and didnt have to be in the closet for much of it…

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September 18, 2007, 09:08

Welcome to F2B Rural_smith D, it is awesome when we discover that we are never alone completely in our struggles. It lets you breathe a little. The story on here the “Death of Alex” is a good one and he actually talks about coming out to the school, you can find it on telling our stories but I am sure you came across it as you were reading through the website.

We would love to hear your story someday, whenever you are ready to share it, always a priviledge to share in someones journey.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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September 18, 2007, 19:51

yes welcome Ruralsmith.

there was a time when we were alone in this and feeling very isolated. due the net and groups like F2B this is no longer the case. Iain is currenlty teaching and hasn’t been posting for some time……i’ll let him know you’ve popped in……so he can say hi.

hope to hear more from you and about your situation to see what support, resources or help we can give you.

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September 19, 2007, 14:46

Hey Ruralsmith

… i am a gay teacher (not necessarily ‘young’!? lol!) who has recently come out. my story can be found in “Telling our Stories” under the title of “…the death of alex”.

It starts with a speech that i delivered to my staff at a Christian school and has tracked my ‘good news’ story since then.

The Freedom 2 Be meetings, on the first Friday of every month, helped me in my journey. I hope we can also help you on your journey!



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September 30, 2007, 13:47

Hey Mr Smith!

I have a bit of a sad story in the private system too, but I’m finding that in the Catholic system, it is a lot better for me. I’m sure the Catholic Schools Office would not be impressed if I ‘outed’ myself but they are tollerant of gays and lesbians, which sounds sucky when put that way. But at least I’m not worried about my job as much as I used to be.

Last year I worked for the Seventh-day Adventist school system. They didn’t renew my contract and have never been honest about their real reasons. I know it was my sexuality because I did a really great job, even though it was my first year out of uni. I had my low ability year 10 class spread right up the scale by the end of the year, about 40% of them ranking higher than the intermediate classes, and other little yays along the way with troubled students. I never take any credit for top students, they just need me to facilitate their learning, they are a credit to themselves.

SO life in Australia is unjust. I’m sure like me, you are not trying to make a point of your private life, but it must be hard in a small town. Your experience seems a little like mine in that its not the professional path that is the problem, but what people say outside of school, that the school tries to use against you.

I know how it can place enormous pressure on you as a person. It makes you feel self conscious if you are dining in public with a companion, if you are shopping in the supermarket and having one of those little domestics over penne or spirals – lol. Its impossible to conceal who you really are. But the only advice I can give you if you wish to remain where you are in the country, is to stand tall, love who you are, and don’t bite when people fish for information. Some have attempted to befriend me in the past, but in the end they have chosen to preserve their job or win favour for themselves rather than protect me.

It is sad that we have to be ‘discrete’ at all. This is discrimination in and of itself. We should be free to be who we are in life and not be afraid of who is looking over our shoulder. It is a sad reality we face at the moment, but things are a lot better than they used to be. At least we are not being thrown in jail or given shock treatment, as many of our friends in this network may have exprienced. I have been afraid of being bashed, but never have been.

Human rights and equal opportunity commission are looking into my case, and I’ve opened a discussion on that topic if you want to have a look. Its new so maybe noone has written back yet.

Know that there are many here who can support you, if you are frustrated, discouraged or even intimidated, there are people here who will not judge when you want to rant and rave.

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September 30, 2007, 17:23


So so true. Can l ask how old you are?????

It is the case. Being seen up the street at Coles in a small country town with male friends all the time – OH must mean a bloke is gay! Get along well with male colleagues = GAY! (Mind you – l am prob closer with many female staff than male)…you work it out!

I am ‘out’ to several staff at my school. One in a senior position. One just my peer. Both are highly supportive and both love it when kids make “assumptions”! It is highly amusing at times!

Cheers for your sharing your experience….


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September 30, 2007, 19:01

Phil so awesome to hear you post, its been ages……So true that we have to be discreet and shouldnt have to be. I dont mean a mad big pash in public lol lol but at least hold hands or hug or something, it would be great if we could do that, especially guys, us girls can at least get away with that but men generally cant and it sucks.

November 8, 2007, 22:34

I am a gay teacher, though not out at work. I just posted my story on another board. I find the connection a lot of people make between gays and paedophilia just too risky to be out at work. It would only take one parent who didn’t like it to stir up a hornet’s nest.

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November 9, 2007, 01:11

Welcome, Rural.

I am not a teacher, but I do live in a small town, and share my life with my wonderful partner, Sandra. I know how difficult this can be. Even though no one says anything, you do get looks and people whispering and you see the questions in their eyes. We try to ignore them, or just give a smile and a friendly greeting.

It can get irritating at times, but in the end how people react is their problem and not ours. I am looking forward to the fun and games when I am ordained. 😆 Also kinda dreading them.

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