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joshua thomas
Joined in 2011
August 10, 2011, 17:07

So I have been thinking alot lately that it is ok to be gay and still follow god but

I’m having such a hard time with it all.

I would like to ask how do we know its really ok to be gay and christian? Does anyone on this site still follow god?

If yes I would like to know if there are some guys who wouldn’t mind talking to me about this?

I really need some help to deal with all this.

Because I’m still with a church telling me its wrong

Joined in 2010
August 10, 2011, 18:28

G’day Jaydenthomas!

There’s a good dicussion happening over in this thread that might be of help:

Feel free to ask your questions on the forums here or you can message me privately. Happy to meet up with you face to face if you’re in Melbourne – I’m a pastor out in Lilydale.



Ann Maree
Joined in 2008
August 10, 2011, 18:31

Hi jaydenthomas

Welcome to f2b!

In answer to your question there are lots of people here who still follow God and there are gay Christians beyond this site as well.

Depending on where you are located you might be able to attend one of the f2b monthly meetings in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

You said:

I would like to ask how do we know its really ok to be gay and christian?

You are in good company because your question was recently asked by Brunski in the following link.

Have a read of that as there’s some really good discussion there.

You’ll find too that many people here have asked those same questions and found peace with being both gay and spiritual so you might enjoy reading some of their accounts in the Telling our stories section. Mr Summit had a wonderful outcome with his parents, and his mother, known here as Mother Hen, is now one of our biggest supporters and a regular poster.

If you like looking at things from a biblical perspective and don’t mind long articles, have a look at Keith Dyer’s article as well as Nettleton’s piece in the resource section.


Ann Maree

Joined in 2011
August 10, 2011, 19:34


I still love God, follow God, and am involved with my baptist (charismatic) church. I have a better relationship now with God, and I feel so comfortable with myself for the first time since finding I don’t have this secret desire that is evil, but that being attracted to the same sex is not something that I need to get rid of and is part of me.

I’m happy to chat more if you’d like.


joshua thomas
Joined in 2011
August 10, 2011, 20:19

That would be great thanks 🙂

Joined in 2010
August 10, 2011, 20:52

Querido Jayden,

Yes. You can be gay and Christian. Just as easily as you can be blue eyed and Christian. There is no condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible and many denominations understand this and embrace their gay brethren.

Here. Read this:

Yours in Christ,


Youth Coordinator
Joined in 2008
August 10, 2011, 21:04

Hi Jaydenthomas,

Welcome to freedom2b. This is an amazing community of people and I hope you feel encouraged, supported and blessed by this site and the people on here.

My name is Ben. I’m the Sydney Youth Coordinator and also a gay Christian. I came out at my Pentecostal church when I was 19 and I still go to church today. God is a huge part of my life and I am happy to say that I have reconciled my faith and sexuality.

If you have any specific questions on things please feel free to post them on this site and I will help answer them.

Ben 🙂

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