Prayers for Bobby Movie in Sydney.

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Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
May 31, 2009, 00:51

Prayers for Bobby (2009)

In “Prayers for Bobby,” Mary Griffith (Sigourney Weaver) is a devout Christian who raises her children with the conservative teachings of the Presbyterian Church.

However, when her son Bobby confides to his older brother he may be gay, life changes for the entire family after Mary learns about his secret. While Bobby’s father and siblings slowly come to terms with his homosexuality, Mary believes God can cure him of what she considers his ‘sin’ and persuades Bobby to pray harder and seek solace in church activities in hopes of changing him.

Desperate for his mother’s approval, Bobby does what is asked of him, but through it all, the church’s apparent disapproval of homosexuality causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed. Guilty over the pain he is causing Mary, Bobby moves away, yet hopes that some day his mother will accept him.

His subsequent depression and self-loathing intensifies as he blames himself for not being the ‘perfect’ son and is driven to suicide. Faced with their tragedy, Mary begins to question her faith when she receives no answers from her pastor concerning her devastating loss. Through her long and emotional journey, Mary slowly reaches out to the gay community and discovers unexpected support from a very unlikely source.

The film is based on the 1995 Leroy Aarons book of the same name. Written by Louie Neira

View trailer here

When: Friday 5 June 2009

Time: 7.15 for 7.30 start (finish 9.00pm)

Where: Lower ground floor – Rooms 9-10

ACON Building, 9 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills Sydney

See map

After our formal meeting you are welcome to join us for a reasonably priced dinner or a snack at Betty’s Soup Kitchen, Oxford St and possibly a drink as well after that. STAY AS LITTLE OR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE. Always interesting conversation with quality people.

If you want further details then email [email protected] or phone 0416 015 231

Youth Coordinator
Joined in 2008
June 3, 2009, 06:38

Will be there for sure…

The movie looks incredible. The book was amazing!!

Flying off to Melbourne at 6am the next morning so I probably won’t stay for Betty’s this time.

Big hugs to all!

Looking forward to seeing you mags.

Ben 😀

Joined in 2006
June 6, 2009, 09:08

It was a very moving night watching the story of Bobby and the journey of his Mum, I dont think there was a dry eye last night. The images used about his battle were very well done, especially where he was entwined in barbed wire, unable to get free and if he tried he was cut at every move and walking round in a building that was abandoned, likening that to a desert experience and the forest moments, just feeling lost…..Im sure we have all been in one or all of those places. As Scott mentioned to some of us, if he had come out himself in the time that Bobby did, how would things have worked out for him? tooooo many have crossed the bridge Bobby did and still do but many have also made it to the otherside, lets keep the flame burning so others can find there way.

Is there anything anyone wants to share or feels struck a chord? Its most certainly a movie that needs circulation around the churches and such.

Would just like to say how awesome it was to meet JR, Sparrow, Mobileguy, Shane 😀 to also have people come for the first time (hi-fives to you 8) )and see some of the guys I met before 😀 and just put a few faces to names and meet a “lurker” who I will refer to as a “ghost” as he called himself 😉 (better word than lurker, a few of us agreed it sounds like someone hiding in the bushes with nite goggles or such 😆 ) looking forward to Bettys next time 😉

You were missed Anthony but an Ambassador must go about his Ambassadorism, thank God you are an awesome one 😉 hope your nite was great. Must give a huge thanks to Scott for the way he just sets up everything and gets the place organised before anyone gets there for so long now, what a champion 😀 . Shane and Ross are awesome too 😀

Joined in 2008
June 6, 2009, 13:24

I can certainly vouch for the fact that there wasn’t a dry eye last night 😉 A very well done movie with credible acting from all the cast …

For me, the part where the MCC pastor reaches out to Mary was the pivotal point in the movie … even though she seemed somewhat rude and impatient in wanting immediate “answers” to her questions about where Bobby was after he’d taken his own life … a deep care for her suffering and trauma … starkly in contrast with her own Church pastors response to her questions … and the PFLAG meeting and subsequent speech Mary made … emotional stuff!!!

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
June 6, 2009, 16:44

My initial thought was that the MCC pastor was quite aloof with Mary Griffith…..but on reflection it was maybe that Mary had to find the answers for herself…..after all her original ignorance about homosexuality and what the bible REALLY said was the result of her listening to others.

Joined in 2007
June 6, 2009, 17:42


Thank you for last night. It was great to meet people. Thank you Mags and Scott for being so welcoming!

It was a profound movie that struck a chord. I just ordered the book on Amazon and a DVD called Through My Eyes:


Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
June 6, 2009, 19:30

sorry I missed you Sparrow…..oh well….you’ve broken the ice now. the next time you join us it will be easier…..and I’ll most likely be there. I’ve only missed 3 in 5 years.

Joined in 2006
June 6, 2009, 20:00

Was great to meet you sparrow 😀 , the trailer to through my eyes is awesome, thanks for sharing that 😉

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
June 6, 2009, 20:25

its great that all these stories and resources are getting out there. Remember the enemy is ignorance.

Joined in 2009
June 10, 2009, 19:07

I thought that this film suceeded because it told a story from multiple perspectives and didn’t present a strong point of view. Because it didn’t preach it leaves the viewer to make their own response. It’s a story of rejection and resolution, of hurt and healing, of despair and hope.

For me, it touched on recent events, unhealed hurts and unresolved relationships. Most importantly, it offered hope.

I would think that this film would be suitable for any open-minded, mature audience. A great starter for discussion.

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