Problem with Freedom 2e and Google

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Joined in 2009
June 15, 2009, 12:08

Thanks for changing the name of the thread too.

I am beginning to dislike Google very much right now.

The thread even appears in the Top 10 for the Search term: “Hillosng Conenct Gruop” (at least in the Australian version of Google)! Luckily, the thread can’t be accessed now, because the change of the topic name somehow also changed the url of the thread.

But another two things still scare me:

1. The archive function

Google archived the thread so everything from my post is readable in its archived version.

2. The keywords “Hillosng”, “Connenct Gruop” and “Berlin” have been used by other posters in the thread too. So when Google finds this ‘new thread’ it will also get top positions in the search engine.

It could take forever for the archived version to disappear. An effective solution to the cache problem seems to be this:

However, I don’t know how long that would take and I don’t want you to have loads of work for something that is actually my mistake.

I know it’s a benefit for the community that the site and the thread itself ranks pretty high in Google. People who actually are looking for help entering these keywords in the search engine might participate here and improve their situation.

It’s just that the people in Berlin might have noticed that when they google themselves there is a testimony about a controversial topic from a guy who they haven’t even got to know yet. It must be a blast when I introduce myself – them already knowing me for something negative.

You know – I wouldn’t make such a fuss about this if I was already a member of that church. I would gladly also be an ambassador for this topic just like avb. It’s just that I haven’t even gotten to know them and my story already appears when their name is googled.

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
June 15, 2009, 17:15

thats fine styrofoam.

BTW…mine previous joke/post about being a s*x worker didn’t take too long to disappear. Its good that you have removed you pic as well.

when you search hillsong and gay….my blog and bens comes up… well as freedom 2 b[e]. Considering many of the people who so disparately need to connect with us would mostly be using the net for answers before they connect with us other ways……this is good.

Another good thing is that we are not a hillsong bashing site as others are.

we are here to help those who attend churches like Hillsong and are gay and lesbian…..but are struggling to reconcile their christian experience with their sexual orientation as we have.

its a new day….things have changed. Whilst we dont have affirming as yet…..many people are more compassionate and less judgmental. Many have realised the church got it wrong but they remain silent at this stage.

its only a matter of time till churches like Hillsong will accept that gay and lesbian Christians exist and live moral lives…..have gifts they want to use to serve God…..and will change the previous codes of don’t ask dont tell…and also that they must change their sexual orientation (which many of us after many years of unnecessary suffering, found out the hard way is actually impossible).

it can’t come quick enough for my liking.

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