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Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
May 14, 2009, 21:07

thats great Alex……now we are no longer alone its good we can share and hopefully not keep making the same mistakes. Thank God for freedom 2 b[e] i say.

I remember when I was dealing with all this 18 years ago. there was no one to talk to who actually understood. Everyone in my world at that time told me I just had to try harder to be heterosexual and if I accepted my homosexuality I’d go to hell.

if i was coming out today there would be so much more relative information and realistic support. I would certainly do things differently…..especially the way I separated from my wife and family.

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
June 13, 2009, 13:18

HI Alex and welcome. You’ll have to let us know how you found us.

here is Ps Brians statement

As a church we always endeavour to treat people compassionately whatever they may be facing in life.

We are a Christian Church and as such believe the Bible provides us with clear teaching on sexuality and sexual expression – heterosexual and homosexual. But I do not believe this is about rules and regulations as much as God wanting what is best for each of us.

The heart of God is toward people, and I believe that is also the heart of our church.

God has created each of us as sexual beings, and I do not believe it is His will for it to be complicated. However, I recognise that people face very real issues in regards to sexuality. I have seen this both in my wider family, our church and society more generally.

This is a global challenge that most of the world’s churches are grappling with, and we, like them, are trying to balance theology with compassion.

We do not profess to have all the answers, nor has the church worldwide always got it right, but we will continue to try and connect people to Jesus because we know that hope and answers for every situation and circumstance can be found in Him.

Brian Houston

Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church


I used to attend a connect group. I haven’t for some time but that has been because of circumstances and not because I was rejected or anything happened.

I’ve been accepted as I am. I have no aspirations of leadership in the church. I am extremely busy with other things so would not have the time. I believe my life is already a life of service so I dont have a problem with that.

People are becoming more accepting……but its not total or leadership approved. If you reveal your sexual orientation you will get all reactions from rejection to ‘so what….you love God don’t you?’

Ben is out as I am……and he has had the spectrum of reactions.

there are quite a number in our Freedom 2 b[e] sydney group who go along to hillsong……but are not out or had the opportunity to actually talk about it.

My agenda is not to wave the rainbow flag or be political by pushing the gay issue…….I just go and BE. A gay man who lives a moral life and has a relationship with God. I have one on one conversations when appropriate.

does that help?

the whole christian church is in transition in their understanding of sexual orientation. Some are still in the dark ages…….some are more enlightened.

if can read just how far things have come in some circles here

or email me for the PDF version of Celebrating Our Future. [email protected]

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