The webs we weave... (28 probably gay, not publicly out)

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August 30, 2012, 23:29

Thanks so much to all the new reply-ers!

I really appreciate your advice & support. I've read everything everyone wrote but daunted by replying to every statement!! Haha.. But again, I really appreciate the love & support from everyone!

I'm really fascinated by the tapestry of experiences that have played out in all of your stories. I love that there's no one way that we experience life – good or bad. That the uniqueness of our experiences shape us to be the incredibly diverse people we are.

I shared with my best mate of many years today about my attraction to guys. It was such a non-issue to him, which was great. He was like 'oh that's ok, I've lived enough life to know the way the world works'. (It sounds like a strangely apathetic response, but I know him, and that's a GOOD response). We chatted about it all day via text and he asked questions and was joking around. Just eased my anxiety alot. He's a fantastic support!

I also opened up to another close friend of mine. Again, totally supportive. He did know a tiny bit already, but yeah, he was really happy for me being honest with him and my own self. Very encouraging!

Today I just felt that these two guys who have stood by me over the years through some big events in my life really did deserve for me to be truly open with them. It also dispels that fear of 'what would they do if they knew'. Now I know… Nothing. Because they know ME. Being truly known is incredible!

I do want to have another chat with my parents. We've been over this topic a few times before, but I just want my mum especially to ease up on the 'give me grandkids' push. I just need the space to work this out with unneeded pressure.

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