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November 25, 2009, 08:43

but this type of genre like any other has been produced many a time throughout the film industry existing

anything is possible to influence some people

but that is not to say the majority of us should not watch them, whatever the genre

we have to have some maturity and wisdom about ourselves

and ofcoarse the occassional travesty of someone going into some hellish crime motivated by magazines or a type of movie ruins it for the rest (one rotten apple in the barrel)

but how are movies any different to church????

we go to church and if we gel with that pastor/leader/congregation we are influenced in our thinking by them

right or wrong

same with friends and family we hang out with

the ratings, yes we should take note of them

common sense should prevail that children should not watch ‘R’ rated shows/movies

but trust me, in the work i use to be in, that sooooooo does not happen with some parents

but to guage this type or any other type of movie as ‘evil’ – they have a bubble attitude

what happens when it bursts????

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