VIDEO An alternative approach to Romans 1. GOD MADE ME GAY! (joke)

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March 15, 2011, 07:27

OMG!!!!!! very tongue in cheek LOL 🙂 good points here and there but 😉 You know it kind of consolidated in me tho that the whole issue was about “lust”, idolatry is a type of lust………….i dont believe romans 1 is about homosexuality at all but lust and idolatry and how far people can go with that……….on a human body worship level, say for eg: you only have to look at swingers clubs, seemingly straight people engaging in homosexual sex too because “they got caught up in the frenzy” of the moments or as the message puts it “all lust no love” and the punishment in themselves is like the porn industry type, your judgement is based on lust and only have to look at charlie sheen and such, sexual addiction happens, not healthy………good spoof but also made me see something more 🙂

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