What do you think about Mardi Gras? (2007)

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March 7, 2008, 02:16

I think you have a good point there Magsdee. I think a lot of the ‘repulsive, offensive’ actions probably stem from the rejection of the homosexual community from the church in the first place. Think about it, after years of preaching from the pulpit about how evil we are, and what an abomination we are in Gods sight, who wouldnt be angry? Im not saying two wrongs make a right, but it makes sense why some people would want to make something as hurtful and demeaning to the church as a “God hates fags” sign would be to a gay person. 😥

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March 7, 2008, 02:23

I dont know if any of you have ever seen any of those signs from “Christian Protests” , but there is a lot of those kinds of groups in the states. Especialy in the south. Some of whom have the odasity to protest our fallen soldiers funerals who have died in Iraq because they believe the war was started on the United States because of the countries tolerance to gays. 😡 😡

And you wonder why a lot of people in the gay community make such “blasphemous” actions towards the church…..

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March 7, 2008, 10:21

Yeh we have heard about the soldier protests and a certain group we dont bother mentioning who fuel that 😡 . If I can say this because I cant find the other word for it, theres always a bunch of “anal” groups in every society, I have no idea how they survive, I mean they still believe the world is flat 😯 (its just a wee stretch but you know what I mean)

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March 9, 2008, 16:42

Anthony – I don’t get it.

I have a valid and authentic experience. I am not in denial, I am at peace with who I am and with my maker.

From my ‘perspective’ it is you who is taking offence to everything I say, and calling me an attacker of the gay community. I’m not stupid nor blind. I know there is plenty of promiscurity in the hetro world.

But have you driven down the most notoriously gay district in Sydney, known also for its fabulous shopping and cafes? There is a tool shed on just about every block!!! Umm I’ve shopped in Melbourne in Chapel st – one of the greatest shopping and cafe district – and it isn’t until you turn into commercial road – the notoriously gay area of south melbourne, that you come across ‘Beat Books’ etc…

I don’t understand why you are shooting down everything I say.

I choose not to go to those places, and i am stating my reasoning, and I’m entitiled to. What you do is your business and no one is judging you for it. I have a problem with the scene, and I have no way condemned the souls that choose what they choose. You have miss read.

This is the end of my discussion, I am sick of being labled as a gay hater, when I am very happily gay myself.

I’m sorry that there seems to be so much misunderstanding here.

My experience is different to yours, and I can’t say that my time in the scene added anything to my life; infact it took away – if anything. I am here reflecting on that nearly 6 years after. I lost a lot of dignity and self respect. Things I have gained back again. This is MY experience.

Hey little brother… its okay. We all understand your perspective and so does Anthony… I think and I believe from what I am reading is that we all reach at different levels and to have a dislike or repluse to something of the past indicates vexing issues. A Doctor when faced with an infection on his patient has to look at a series of options… if the treatment does not arrest the situation then the Dr looks at other options that may include operation to try and get the infection out… or agravate the infection so it comes out.

8) I believe Anthony is best equipped and as much as we personally don’t like the intrusion or stepping on our toes like some medicine can taste revolting – its actually get us to face the situation. It’s not an attack on you although you may truly feel that way. We all in our lives and bad situation have come through so many things and when we see our friend are struggling… we tend to try and help them move forward but they get angry with us. I think there is a place to challenge and there is a place where we put soothing balms on your wounds. I hope mine is a soothing balm after a confrontation with Anthony. You need both – an aggravator to help you move on and a person to apply soothing balms to refresh and relax you.

I actually admire your courage and willingness to share what you are thinking and its a clear indication of where you are in life. And that you are assertive in saying what you think may be the problem. From experience, the hurt we all carry inside of us tends to colour our own perspective of what other people write or say… and we feel we are being attacked because the statements or response is not agreeing with us or fitting into our frame of mind and when that happens, our body senses rejection. It really doesn’t matter what you think or what Anthony says because ultimately all of us here love you for who you are and we understand where you are coming from and that will never change our way of accepting and loving you.

I rather have someone apposing my thinking or what I say… that’s Sandy’s job giggles 😆 than to go my merry way… Anthony has confronted me on some occasion and I didn’t like it but hey, I actually learnt something about myself and was able to fix it not to his liking or satisfaction but to align myself how God would like me to be. Anthony is like my conscience and I need that in life to make sure I am connected with God.

hugs to you little brother.

Craig. 🙂

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March 9, 2008, 17:01

Oh goodness… how embarrassing 😳 … just realised that its an old post that I am responding to… but its cute so i decided to leave it there 😆 … hoping that if anyone feels that way again can remember to breath first, get it off the chest and seek resolution … what happened between Anthony and Phil was so so cute! Sigh… its so romantic in a Christian way! Emulating that Christ never judge and put anyone down… sometimes I wish I could put my arms into the computer to hugs you people when times are rough and nasty! Smile.

Hugs to all


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March 9, 2008, 17:23

Yeah, I saw that … was that a woman in leather lashing out at the guy on the Cross? I was so engrossed in the crowd to process what was happening out front… I did wonder about Cheese Rice… hmmm I did have a black marker in my bag and wanted to go to him and give him a big hug and secretively wanted to pash him (he did have a good looking body and a cute face you know – swoon and drool 😆 ) and write under it in bracket (Jesus Christ) and the gyrating… were they doing that? Oh good grief… hmmmm how does it fits with what we were saying?!

Actually that reminds me of the time I was young and in Brisbane and it was NYE in one of the Gay place … (can’t remember because it was so long ago) and there was this performance…. someone walking and a person behind ripping the pages out of the bible like a flower girl at the wedding throwing flowers and I was thinking ahhhhhhrrrhhhh how could you do that! It was like ripping the heart out of me! I was so shocked, swooned and griped about it… I couldn’t get over it and I was berating myself for not acting and then I remember saying to God how upset I was about what happened and that I failed to represent His his love with others … wanna know what God said to me… He agreed with me. He said it was so sad that a person ripping my words out of a bible was symbolising her hatred for what the Church has done to her. I could hear a pin drop and I felt tears as I experience the greater saddness in God at that moment for that person.

As much as we can be confused 😕 , bewildered 🙄 , or shocked 😯 by the display… they are at a place where they are just acting out what’s really happening out there… and there is a long long long way to go for reconcilation between Gay and Christianity 😯 🙄 😳 🙁 🙂 😀 😆 .

Smile. It will happen. Eventually. I will march in the parade till the 58 laws that discriminate against us drops like dead flies and till every single church appologise for their inhospitality towards us. I will continue to march. I will even do PINK G-strings if it upsets Fred Nile (I love him like I love sharks or live snakes or coachroahes but they are God’s creatures so I really should love Fred Nile as much I resist the urges to put him over my lap and give him a good smack! He so deserved it) 😆

Smiling devishly


Anthony Venn-Brown
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March 9, 2008, 22:33

yes silly billys…….this is thread that was started when we had planned to march in 2007’s Mardi Gras parade. I think it kicked in again when Johnny……who is currently winning the award for the most posts in a week……..kicked it off again. 😆 😆 😆 😆

Can you please cut and paste your comment in this thread please.

i’ll look it down.

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