What would you say to him/her? Are they wasting their time?

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October 6, 2009, 15:10

Ultimately, it is up to your friends to decide whether they want to go to an ex-gay ministries or not, but to help them to decide, I thought of some tips:

1. Try and introduce them to get in touch with gay people, and the community, it would show them what it is like to be in the gay community and what it means to be gay

2. Get them to talk to people who been to ex-gay ministries, so they would know who its feel like after being in a ex-gay ministries, and what its feel like to be in it

3. Encourage them to pray to God, not for change in sexuality, but for re-assurance of their own sexualities and confidence.

Also, Tyra’s talk shows about Gay people hating themselves being gay, it is a good insight on how to deal with one’s own sexuality:

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October 6, 2009, 15:13

Oh, left one more part, here is part five of the Tyra show:

Anthony Venn-Brown
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October 6, 2009, 21:47

interesting……and sad…..a very confused young man in Part 1.

I looked at some……internalised homophobia is a very real condition….and reeks havoc in people lives….its unhealthy….in its extreme some people have been known to physically attack other gay men or lesbians…some have even murdered.

Sad American TV program using dysfunctional lives for entertainment…….I could say more…..but I’ll refrain.

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