Who used to be in a worship team?

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December 11, 2009, 11:55

So from the age of 10 I went to church with my folks. I come from a very talented family who all can sing and so when we attended a church my Father and my Sister started on the worship team almost straight away.

At 13 I started on the team playing Guitar, I was only just learning but it was a great way to build upon it and get better as I played. At 14 I was asked to be on the singing roster because I was at the time part of a Large Choir and had done some large events already so they thought I would be an asset. At 15 the person who was to lead worship that day was my pastor, already I had been made a favorite of his and he couldn’t sing so I was asked to fill in the place of him. I’d never seen anyone that age lead a Church service only youth services so I was so nervous. I had sung for parliament, in front of 15,000 people but leading a church in worship was a huge step. I did it ok I sung well as that was easy and I love doing it, I felt like God was using me to help this church enter into his presence. And from there I have dont this ever since. Leading Youth Alive Rallies, Youth events across Victoria and then after being married we changed churches and lead a team of people as Worship Pastors. Since leaving my last church I have felt empty. Its all Ive done for 14 years and for the past 2 years I sat still as I have been recovering from a mental illness. It wasnt the stage and lights n sound, it wasnt the amazing professional musicians I played with it was the presence of God I miss and only someone who has held that mantle of God stood before a bunch of people and helped them find God would you understand. I hope one day to be doing it again but for now I sit and morn the days I held so dear.

Is anyone else in this boat?

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December 11, 2009, 22:58

Hey Shane,

I was totally in the same boat, but never stopped cause I lead worship at mcc sydney!

Ann Maree
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December 12, 2009, 02:31

Hi Shane

I can really feel your pain and relate. There is nothing ike the presence of God in those worship times, is there? I too haven’t found anything to fill that void.

I was involved in the worship team for years and loved it. Using my gift as a singer was also a gift in and of itself. Music is so very healing. I was also allowed to use prophetic dance at times which was a great privilege. I loved that my church embraced creativity in many different ways and I really miss that.

Talking about this with you helps somehow. I think people who have not been part of a worship team may not understand what a huge loss it is. For me there’s a loss of that tangible communal presence of God, the music itself, a big part of my identity as a creative person, a healing outlet, the sense of community and team, achievement, purpose, joy…. Do you or others relate with this?

Ann Maree

Youth Coordinator
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December 12, 2009, 14:32

When I was 13-15 years old I was a worship leader in My parents church in the Young adults service. It was an amazing experience.

I was also part of the Hillsong Youth Choir from 16-19 years old (2004-2007) and I played a part in the albums ‘Look To You’, ‘United We Stand’ and ‘All of the Above’. That was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

These days I just stand in church and sing with the rest of the congregation and I am enjoying that too. Being part of ONE family, ONE love, ONE worship.

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December 12, 2009, 22:01

I have served in Church Choirs, led worship in churches, and sang as a soloist in churches as well, and I do miss that beautiful presence that can be found in such things.

Nowadays, I am learning to touch the face of God in other ways. It’s not the same, that’s true, but it is just as beautiful and enriching to me.

I miss the corporate worship though.

Anthony Venn-Brown
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December 12, 2009, 22:58

Does anyone remember the teachings about the Tabernacle of David…..and the Latter Rain movement that the worship in Aussie. I used to teach on this stuff.

I think that there are a lot of gay men who went into worship leading…….something about sensitivity to spiritual things. This has often been seen in other cultures where the gay men or two spirit men were the priests or gate keepers into the spiritual world.

In LA the other week I met two lovely guys who’ve been together for 5 years now. One of them wrote the No.1 worship song in the US 2004. His partner is also an singing artist in his own right.

It was beautiful to sit in their loungeroom while Michael played the grand piano….he and Josh…..just began singing..

I could tell there was a depth of experience in the words they sang that few would know.

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December 12, 2009, 23:32

I remember that teaching on the latter rain. At least, I remember the term. Can’t say I remember specifics though.

Chapter Leader
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December 13, 2009, 19:28

With you Meg – remember “Latter Rain” being taught (probably even sat under AVB’s teaching on it ??) but can’t now remember much about it.

I started playing the piano for Sunday School at 10 years old. Went through the whole line of being in bands and groups and choirs, leading choirs, leading worship, some years as a Music Director in a reasonable size church, involvement in para-church and wider-church ‘creative ministries’ stuff.

Do I miss it? Yes and No! Sometimes miss playing, as that – for me – was a personal act of worship. Don’t really miss leading worship. I became very conscious that there was/is a very fine line between genuinely leading people into the presence of God in worship, and indulging in emotional manipulation. But, I did find that those worship sessions where I really felt I’d failed to do justice to the task, were the times when people would come up afterwards to express how blessed they had been by the worship time. And the times when we felt we had really ‘nailed it’, there’d be no such feedback. Not that receiving kudos was our motivation.

Now that I worship in an evangelical but non-charismatic, church, I do miss the freedom of worship. (There’s not much clapping or hand-raising – although contemporary instruments and songs are used . . . as well as some older hymns.) It can sometimes be frustrating to hear/see things being done (worship-wise and musically) which don’t quite click and could easily be rectified/improved but one is not in a position to say anything.

It is interesting the number of times over the years (particularly in my pentecostal days) when I discovered gay people in the music ministry, or suspected such (later proved after they left the church I was in and ‘came out’.) Quite out of proportion to what one might expect. Even noticed a posting on this site earlier this year by a guy who has recently come out – I knew him and his wife many years ago through a para-church music ministry. (Will touch base with him in due course.)

If I go to Hillsong now, I get cynical about the crowd being ‘pumped up’ and it detracts from my ability to personally worship. That’s a bit sad. But, I remind myself of what I used to teach my teams: “worship is a lifestyle, not an event or an experience”. Bless ya!

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December 14, 2009, 11:32

Hi all again, Its funny how many of us there are, Im sure there is still many many more who are too shy or scared to share.

Regarding the Latter Rain, I know the idea but I dont think I was old enough to have learnt it. I grew up in Melbourne in a church which was the Youth alive band. And many people from that church have gone on to be at Hillsong, Riverview, Edge Church and Planetshakers. So most of my music I grew up on was the latest thing and as I lead worship I added the part that God created me to be which was heart and spirit which wasn’t happening at the time. I miss worship being the most important part of church and it lead the way for the word of God to be received. One day soon I hope to be worshiping again, I have a friend who has been in ministering to churches that have no-one or very few people doing worship on a sunday. He currently visits these churches to give them a time of real worship and I hope to be doing that in 2010 with him. There is so many little churches with nothing to worship to not even a CD player. I know it sounds insane but its true.

Forestgrey, I feel the same way when I visit Planetshakers church here in Melbourne, people are way too hyped for Worshiping God and like you I taught it’s a lifestyle choice every day not just the face you show on sunday to impress. I attend a Pentecostal church every now and then and its nothing like what I am used to. My wife loves it but I miss the deep worship and also the unity of everyone in worship. This current church lacks the unity I’ve experienced. A lot of Ego a lot of performance and very little heart and leading to want to see God move.

I have met many people across Melbourne who are Gay and were part of a Worship team. There is so many of us.

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December 14, 2009, 13:08

*raises hand*

I was involved in worship in my old church for about 15 years. Playing piano and singing.

Then, with the most recent change of pastor… I told him I was gay, and he told me he couldn’t support me being in any kind of leadership or ministry position.

That was the middle of 2008. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I played music at my new church. A very emotional and scary experience.

They want me to be involved more (for one thing they have a serious pianist shortage). I’m rather nervous and uncertain about the prospect. Being involved in music ministry is an act of commitment to a church, something I have been avoiding.

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