a life of a transsexual

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January 16, 2008, 17:19

Hi Clubbme

hey i know very little about the prosses in NSW.

each state things are done a bit bifrent but go to

and contact them they will be able to help you more they are so far in front of every other state.

if your worryed about ringing them tell them a told you to ring them.

they have me down as lisa for some reason and they have me down as the contact for WA which i still am.

most of the TS people in nsw and vic qld and SA seam to go to surgens in NSW and vic.

now we have herd good and bad reports about them.

in WA we go to bangkok so do the US and lots of other countrys from around the world.

yes they are far cheaper but that is not the main reason its because in banbkok there are 3 or 4 surgons that are the very best as far as we are all consered.

there are surgons world wide doing this surgery but most think they know what they are doing but often make a total mess of things.

in bangkok they give you a warentee and if some thing should happen to go wrong you can go back and have it fixed for nothing.

i belive in australia if some thing gose wrong you have no recourse.

you have to pay more money to get things fixed up.

my surgon dr preacha has been doing the surgery for over 35 yrs .

he also fixes stuff ups done by other surgons . he is the only one that will.

what dose it look like .

it looks the same as a born female same sexual feelings on the out side and boy it shaw works well hehehehe.

about showing yes you are right but i belive they have cubicals to shower in .

i still look to much like male the women might be uncomftable to but yes i dont have that dagling thing i cant remember what they call it. hehehe.

maybe they could shower her before or after every body else.

please ring the gender centre and check out there web site.

on other state has one . WA nearly did but there was to much bitchenes and power play so it fell in a whole.

well i bettter go back on the shovel i am putting up a garden shed and cement floor.

yes i did say fater surgery i would do no more male things nicluding fixing cars but boy you save so much money doing things your self.


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January 16, 2008, 19:52


well i have been thinking about that and all i can come up with is the same that happens in the work place in most states except WA.

if a TS has to go to the toilet they have one that is seperate from males and females toilets.

so the showers could be the same or if there is only one or two there maybe they may agree to showering latter at there motel.

i was involved in dragon boating for a few yrs.

even before surgery the girls who are all hetro had no problems with me getting changed using there toilets and changing my clothes . i did the right thing and stripped off in one of the shower rooms or toilets.

the girls did not care if i seen them naked.


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January 16, 2008, 20:26

Hi Maggs

Very good question and very important one.

Yes I do think it is un healthy to try to hide the past in there mind but a lot seam to do it or try to.

to me i think why hide any of your past.

I can say I lived as a male and latter a female now how many can say they have done that.

I have nothing to hide with any of my life.

I am who I am and if you don’t like it well sorry that’s not my problem.

Its also like TS girls that don’t tell ,well mostly guys about there past life as it don’t matter how well you pass some how ,some wear they will be found out.

Often that will end up with them been bashed up or even murdered.

It happens a lot.

Magss I hope I answered your question right.


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January 16, 2008, 20:32


going to female toilets should be ok as you are behind closed doors when doing what ever.

i have never had any problems there before surgery.if you were in a room wear every women could see each other when sitting on the toilet well then yes that would be difrent and i am shaw you born women would get up set to at looking at other women on the toilet.


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January 16, 2008, 21:14

LOL……yes, im not keen on seeing anyone on the toilet LOL shock

In change rooms, yes often there are cubicles so I dont see a problem. I guess in a hospital setting it can be different but its funny, when I was in a public hospital recently for rehab. whilst a guy was in the shower (behind a curtain) there was no problem with me going in to use the toilet (also behind a curtain) but its a funny thing, being in rehab. with others battling with some sort of bodily function loss we didnt care because we just gave each other that lee way, shame it doesnt happen amongst those who are ok. Why does it take loss for people to sit and listen or to be tolerant and understanding.

Far out Leece, you have more than answered these itchy ears LOL

Im touched by your transparency and willingness to share so much.

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January 16, 2008, 22:45

thats fine magsdee

any time there is so much more i could and will when i have time about us .

have a great day leece

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January 18, 2008, 00:39

thanks for your info. its been very helpful. my assignment is due tomorrow so i will be sure to check out in fact i have already checked it out a bit and it does look like a very good resource.

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January 18, 2008, 07:26


thats fine sorry i could not be of more help but each state been difrent you would have had some wrong info some wear.


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February 20, 2008, 17:33

Hi this is a artical mostly about transsexual .

its called how to kill a trans person.

i would not have normaly put this in here but it has a bit to do with churches to.

it comes from the US.


How to kill a transperson.

By Ceridwen Troy

This article was written on Friday, Feb. 15, 2008.

On Saturday, Sanesha Stewart, a transwoman of color living in the Bronx, was

murdered in her own apartment. She was 25 years old. Her accused killer,

Steve McMillan, had known her for months, yet when he was arrested, he

claimed to have been enraged to find out that she was what the media

coverage called not really a woman. He stabbed her over and over again in

the chest and throat. She tried to fight him off; there were defensive

wounds found on her hands.

On Tuesday, eighth-grader Lawrence King was in a classroom in Oxnard, Calif.

He was openly gay, and often came to school in gender-bending clothing,

makeup, jewelry and shoes. According to another student, it was freaking the

guys out. One of them shot Lawrence in the head. He was declared brain-dead

on Wednesday.

It is easy to look at cases like this and think, how tragic. How random. How


But then, you forget how easy it is to kill a transgender person.

You forget that all across this nation, faith leaders of all stripes, men

and women who claim to speak for God Himself, call us sinners, call us

abominations, call us evil.

You forget that at best the media depicts us as something to be pitied,

something that our families must be strong and overcome. At worst, they

depict us as abnormal, exploiting our bodies for ratings, exploiting the

publics fear of us for shock value.

You forget that on a good day, law enforcement agents are neglectful of us,

and that far more frequently they join in our harassment. You forget the

transwomen of color who are rounded up on suspicions of prostitution. You

forget the beatings that go uninvestigated. You forget the molestation and

rape we face when we are arrested.

You forget the medical establishment that drains our wallets for the therapy

and hormones and surgeries they tell us we need. You forget the way we are

then refused treatment when we are dying, dying of treatable diseases, dying

of easily patched wounds.

You forget that, by the law of the land, it is legal in the majority of

states to deny us employment, to deny us service, to deny us housing.

You forget the shelters and the rape crisis centers that will not allow us

through their doors.

You forget that many of us do not even have family to turn to when we are at

our most desperate.

You forget that the leaders of our own community have told us that it is not

time for us to have rights, that it is not pragmatic for us to be considered

worthy of the same respect as other human beings.

You forget that in our own circles, it is considered a negative thing to be

too flamboyant. You forget the way our pride parades have been derided by

our own community. You forget the scorn heaped upon drag queens by other gay

men. You forget the fear to be seen in public with a friend who is

considered too open, too queer.

You forget the way it seeps into the minds of transgender people, too. You

forget the way a transsexual will shout that she is not a crossdresser, as

if there were something wrong with that. You forget the catty names we call

each other if we don’t “pass”

You forget how many of us take our own lives every year.

You forget because the noise is always there, a constant drone in the

background. Every newspaper piece that calls a transwoman he instead of she.

Every talk show host who spends an hour talking about our genitals. Every

childish taunt about looking like a tranny. Every transperson who talks

about themselves as true transsexuals. Every activist and politician who

tells us now is not the time.

You forget too, how easy it is to kill a person of color, with myths about

gangstas and lies about immigrants. You forget how easy it is to kill a

person living in poverty, cutting off her welfare because she is supposedly

being paid to breed. You forget how easy it is to kill a sex worker, with

sex-shaming language, slinging about slurs like hooker and whore.

You forget the message hidden inside every single one of those statements.

You are less than I am. You are not worthy of the rights and respect that I

am worthy of.

You are not human.

It is very easy to kill something that you do not see as human.

It is very easy to kill a transperson.

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February 20, 2008, 19:17

Heavy stuff and very sad, I couldnt imagine what living in that kind of fear would be like.

I think many Christians forget that we can kill by the power of the tongue and yet we are taught to curb it, thing is many christians and non christians alike forget the power of words. Id expect more from a Christian but what can I say, it seems more important for many to find fault outside the camp, without them actually seeing how miserable and corrupt it is inside. And yet God loves us all.

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