Beliefs, Behaviour and Belonging

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February 3, 2008, 23:47

Hmmmm been having some serious thoughts about belief, behaviour and belonging. 😯

Looking on a wide world scale… and bringing it down to inviduals. 😮

The terrorist bombing in Iraq recently where they strapped it to two down syndrome females who probably didn’t understand much and they let it go with the remote control… it upsets me because I know the victim had no inkling 😡

I began to wonder just why did they do it… its to do with belief that influence their behaviour. We have fundamentalist at work… this one kills… but I thought about the church over here and the magnitude of their action… its mammoth… the Church has the ability to kill the person’s inner core or attempt to do it… by their actions which is not supported by the bible but they interpreted it that way. 😯 🙄

Been to Bali and it did pretty much make me think alot about people’s belief and how it affects their behaviour which is part of their belonging… run with me on this… this is the reasoning if I was a Bali person…if I belonged somewhere and someone comes in and say that I can’t do that anymore… it affects my beliefs… I got a choice. I can dump my belieft and adopt the person’s belief or I can resist and keep my beliefs… this impacts on my behaviour… no what happens I can’t accept the belief because I am not able to take it on because it not compatible to me as a person… eg Christian way of thinking to a person who grew up as a Hindu. Now I know that ages ago the Dutch moved to Bali and started to take over parts of Bali and tried to convert the people… the Bali people reaction to that was to resist and the only way they could resist was to committ suicide and approximately 80,000 died… so can you imagine my shock when in a french restauarant in Ubud (Bali) a Dutch lady with attitude problem was venting her frustration at a bali woman and I wanted to walk over and just slap her face and remind her what her generation of Dutch people did and that it doesn’t hurt to be nice… Steve told me to sit and don’t get involved so I just glared at her with my intense looks. Giggle.

Anyway… we are affected by what we believe to be correct and right… so the people in the church are doing that… we on the other hand believe we can be christian and gay… only those who are sensitive can pick up on our situation and can see a way for us by accepting us and backing us up against what people who have not seen the light… then it goes on and on and on…

Christian theology goes against Jewish theology and Islamic theology… then ontop of that you have cultures of how people lived and then you have religion who controls the people. Hmmmm I got a pretty awful picture… they all hold out one hand which is generous and kind and holding in the other hand behind them is the power of distruction. Its an awful sinking reality.

One hand gives life and the other takes life.

Sigh. 😯

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