Gay men and lesbians - different or the same

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4x4 girl
Joined in 2010
January 7, 2010, 20:46

Hi there,

This is my first comment I found I had to say something on the matter. I’ve only just realised the feelings that I have been having for the past few years of been a lesbian. I’ve only been out to a select few family members for a few weeks so everything is new, exciting and real scary.

For myself I feel that I can only share certain things with females. I think this will change as I become more settled within myself. It has been fantasitc reading some of the forums and see how many are in are similar situation as me. I’m really scared about the whole messed up head thing and how others will react, espically within church (I come from a small rural town in NZ).

In time I may post my story too, to get that balance happening.


Ann Maree
Joined in 2008
January 7, 2010, 22:04

Welcome 4×4 girl

There is a lot of support available here. I hope you become comfortable as you read of others’ stories. There are so many common threads running through all our experiences to remind us that we are all really connected.

I look forward to reading your own story when you’re ready to share.


Ann Maree

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
January 9, 2010, 16:02

I agree that F2B is very welcoming to females. I remember having this discussion around lesbians not being involved a few years ago on here and there was no answer then either.

My partner and I often plan on coming, but we are just so FREAKING busy.

Maybe we should push ourselves a little harder. We already know alot of the people attending anyway, so its really not that scary!

totally understand the busyness Frogger. I dont think you should feel that you must come. Possibly your needs are already met in your church and you dont need to come to meetings. I see freedom 2 b[e] as a very unique space.

For some it is

  1. a starting point

  2. for others a halfway house

  3. for some a launching pad

  4. for others an oasis

  5. for some…..home.

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