Question time - Sexuality/faith resolution

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November 13, 2008, 11:08

Gay- Life.

If one person can speak out, in a life-less light of inner peace.

Will you find the strength, to carry on?

So strike that match, to light a fire, buried in your ‘Heart.

In a spark of a tell all story of words and letters.

So people travel, to find a place, to call a single home of rest.

Will you find the settled stability?

That plays a beat in your heart of red stains.

Down-wards in spirals, of a ‘Christian church mess.

You pour a struggle inwards and outwards.

Of a life that yearns to be cautious in a very strange new manly way of thinking.

To be connected with the perfect male. A simple connection of your own ‘Love.

So may you reach a hold, of your ‘life of being ‘Gay.

In a new most different way.

For a life partner is the many things, you may be in search for now.

Take the line, which is steady and thick.

Not the line that is lost, and unbalanced in a thin like way manner.

You must have peace within your-self now.

As you reach for a new single bright future start.

So let it be, a life of one full written, ‘Completion Paper.

That is locked, signed and sealed.

This is a Poem of hope towards the Heart. Of finding a way for connection, to only break into a new light of inner peace.

For when you are Gay – in sort of a Bi -Sexual way. You often think, why is it stuck in the middle. Your sexuality in general needs to find the inner key, of new open bright future hope

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