When its difficult to talk to God..

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Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
April 29, 2009, 10:09

great to move on from self loathing to self loving eh Justin.

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May 1, 2009, 21:20

I cant just plan to met a man, fall in love and have some children in a hurry!

No, it would be crazy to expect that you would or could.

I realised I missed this post I just quoted from 🙄 .

You know, when I was doing counselling as a 2yr course, one of the women in my class began to tackle her sexual abuse from her past, very painful and we talked sometimes but I was just an ear, a friend to her, it was too heavy for me since I was dealing with my own but as it unfolded she ended up remembering more men than she thought who had done what they did, she was married at the time and 10yrs on, she is still married but they live seperately, she could never bring herself to be intimate with her hubby again, she is happy but sex is now out of the question with guys.

The reason Im talking about this? some people can move ahead from the hurt and pain of abuse over time, some marry, some renew their r’ships with there husbands but some can never be with men ever again, now knowing God in his mercy, I believe he understands this and I doubt he would be concerned about who we are committed to, again I come back to this, God could heal that in a flash but why hasnt he? why am I still unable to walk and have pain, I honestly dont know and the day I stopped trying to figure out the whys, I found peace, I just accepted it is how it is.

You are bi, I dont know if you could be with a man given your past thats an unknown at this point in time but this I know you could still have children and with a woman who sounds like such a treasure and so understanding, you sound like youre in a safe place with her all confusion aside, could it be that God provides the person we need, the situation we need but we just dont see it at the time because we have a head full of questions we just need to accept we arent really going to get answers to.

He is a good and loving God and Father, why would he mess with us to the point of confusion, he doesnt, I think people do a great job of making messes that he has to constantly fix up 😆 just look at the earth and all the sooooooo many christianish religions 😯

God sent Jesus once to clear up the mis-conceptions and Jesus addressed EVERYTHING that needed addressing, he cant come again, so what do we do? how about get away from the complication man makes of scripturte and go back to Jesus and what he taught and told us to hold as important.

I love my g’friend so so much, I prayed my arse off 😆 (excuse the graphic vision) about her, in my heart I got nothing as being wrong being with her, my head was full of the judgement and prejudice I have had over time but my heart before God was honest and open and I waited and listened and I got no reproach, thats where he speaks.

I stepped out in faith being with her and have had nothing but a blessing, what I have realised is God is big enough and loving enough to let me know it in my heart if my girl was a mistake and he has not given me a red light regarding her and he has been at work in her heart in a big way, oh the changes taking place there is wonderful. 😀

I dont know Ditte, I could be just airing my mouth 😆 but I just feel to share and encourage you anyway I can.

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May 2, 2009, 16:49

hey magsdee, i’ve loved reading that 🙂

would love to know what God’s been doing with your gf?

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May 2, 2009, 17:50

Thankyou Miss T 😀

My g/f? Far out God has been at work in her heart, going from not believing anything about God or Jesus being real to declaring she believes there was a Jesus and a possibility of heaven 😀 thats hugeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I didnt say anything when she told me or even responded because its so fragile and delicate, she has to work it for herself, so important. She reads my posts over my shoulder so shes getting exposure 😉 and hearsc me chatting to friends. What a wonderfully sneaky God we have 😆

Joined in 2006
May 2, 2009, 18:07

haha wonderfully sneaky indeed 😀

that’s great to hear! so cool.

a few friends of mine are starting to be a bit like that. one of my best friends went from being atheist to “maybe there is something more” in a conversation 🙂

i know what you mean about it being fragile and delicate. that’s awesome 😀

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