How has Freedom2B helped you?

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Joined in 2007
October 9, 2007, 01:46

Keep up the interceeding Craig, if not for the prayer warriors we wouldnt have as much headway as we do and many lives are covered. The prayer of a righteous man does much 😀 How true!!

Im glad you dont fit into the stereotype some people who know that you are gay assume you would be, I think that is the very mould we need to break sometimes and have people see that we are very ordinary, like anybody else and that our personal lives are like anybody elses whether we be single or partenered. Ive used the same line as you Craig too in saying “youre not my type” LOL 🙂 it seems to break the ice.

( I hope my comment about “stereotype” isnt taken to mean that there is anything wrong with stereotypes, we usually all get classed as being the same but we know how different we all are and no one homosexual is the same as the other, though in some ways some of us have similarities that give us away, again nothing wrong with that)

hmmmm I had to smile… I could not see myself functioning in the relationship that I have known with him… its a bit like pashing your own grandfather (I have never done that and the thought eeeewwww). I’d never say that to a brother in christ… its too demeaning but I do have a person in mind to use that anology – purely for shock tactics only. Its amazing how people assume a lot about gay people. They can’t be Christians. Well, they’re in for a surprise eh? I’ve been a Christian since 19yrs old. Its a nice feeling. Been through so many situations and I’ve always had God near me all the way. These days Im trying to get back to my innocence days where I was just so optimistically inclined. I enjoy those inoccent days. Hmmmmm

Sterotype were designed to make things easier to recongise or assume about a person. Society makes them and we break em. 😀 No offense taken. I think we all know what you meant.

You know I did the sterotype one day…. I was at the gym wanting to join up, it was a local swimming pool and they had a gym… and I approached the staff and she looked at me with kind of “you’re wasting my time” attitude. Young, slim and fit… me older, fat and not so fit. She said…exact words “what are you here for” looking up and down… she was so flat that I just wanted to reach out and slap her silly. The face and attitude said it all… you can tell that I was so pissed off about it… I snapped…. I said in my sweet honey voice with a vey limp wrist flaying all over the place enough to cause everyone in the gym to stop and stare at us…… “sweety you see that man over there… well I want his arm… and that man over there ohhh I want his arse, and that man over there … I will have his legs… oh loookiieeee bicep… I’d die for that man… ” this poor girl did not know what to do… shocked and stuttering… I stopped and looked at her with my most friendly smiles. I got her attention and she treated me with so much respect. Filled out the program and so forth… I went for about several times and lost interest. Hmmmm I should go back there. Smiling.

Anyway, stereotype can be useful. That’s all I am sayin… sometimes one has to use it to shock people… and then move on.


Joined in 2009
May 28, 2009, 21:38

hi every1

i was just wondering if you could tell me how f2b has helped you?

im doing reseach in to how the community supports homosexuals.

many thanks bec

Anthony Venn-Brown
Joined in 2005
May 28, 2009, 23:38

hi fallen angel…..welcome.

You’ll see before your post that there are four pages of information……is there something specifically you were after that is not covered there.

Maybe you could tell us more about research and what you are studying.

Joined in 2009
May 29, 2009, 18:40

yeh sorry i didnt give you much info

im currently in year 12 and for cafs i have to study gay and lezbian people in our socity and how the communty meets there i am looking at services and groups like f2b and seeing how they meet the needs of these people.

btw my name is bec,im 18 and im from australia

im bisexual and have a love for animals and disabiled people,i enjoy making people happy and seeing them smile.

i hope this gives you some insight to who iam and what im doing

thankyou for your time

Joined in 2006
May 29, 2009, 20:35

Hi Fallen and welcome. If you look through this particular section you will find a lot of resources. When is your paper due?

Joined in 2008
May 30, 2009, 15:03

Hi fallenangel, as magsdee has mentioned, there is a wealth of information from GLBTIQ people who use Freedom2b[e] and this forum in their journey to reconciliation of sexuality and/or faith. Check out our Resources section for other information that may help you.

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