Reconnecting with a damaged spirituality

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October 8, 2008, 23:06

hmmmm yes I do feel that being away from church can certainly help with trying to gather your own thoughts rather than be brainwashed by the way a certain group of people think! I agree it’s hard to tell the difference with your “internal voice” sometimes and where the thought patterns are actually coming from. Certainly there would be plenty of examples in history where people have acted or delivered messages “in the name of god” inappropriately!! i guess those who used to fit into the church or wanted to sometimes miss that sense of spirituality that was once there – but like you say Anthony this is where its great to connect in with others in the same boat…

i like what you say magsdee that sometimes you end up with a whole lot more unanswered questions, yet it is in this place that you can begin a new kind of spiritual connection – i guess i kind of get what you’re saying yet at the same time am not quite feeling it yet! let’s just say one based on honesty is a whole lot better than a whole lot of crap facades or expectations that church/people place on you!

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October 9, 2008, 08:09

let’s just say one based on honesty is a whole lot better than a whole lot of crap facades or expectations that church/people place on you!


and its ok not to be feeling it yet too with God, take some time out and just let yourself be for a while.

I kind’ve, in a way relate being in this place to when I broke up with my ex after a horrendous relationship, my head was spinning, I felt nothing and certainly didnt want to know about anything if it meant involving my feelings in any way, I was confused and felt disheartened that humans can be like that and felt distant from God, so I just said “God, just……. whatever 😕 !!! I know you are but I need space” that was it! and probably for the first time in my life I felt like I had the choice in when I wanted time with God or not, without being told I had to or else (so I in fact walked away from the guilt trip/manipulation, I think he prefers us wanting to be with him rather than feeling we have to anyhow)… was liberating to say the least and over a stretch of time I re-discovered God in a new way, I discovered “Him” not the Pastor not the Church, just “”Him”. I always knew deep down I believed but felt “just let me be a while”, I talked my ass off in the meantime with people 😆 but mostly about my thoughts and kept a diary kind of thing to get my thoughts “out”. Time out can do wonders.

In regards to hit and misses in people hearing from God at times, yeh thats an interesting one but again as someone once told me, if it doesnt sit right with you then shelve it. I think we are taught to “over” listen to leadership sometimes and just because you may have a title or say ” God told me “youre somehow seen infallible, dont get me wrong I have the utmost respect for leadership and lend an ear but I also dont take “everything” people say as gospel.

I think thats where when we are ready to re-connect with God after some time out, we do just that, re-connect with the one who we firstly need to keep our eyes on and find that we dont and wont get answers to everything but at least we are at peace inside because we have been honest to where we are at and who we are.

Also theres a big difference between guilt and conviction, guilt has a sense of “shame” attached to it, you feel low and battered, where as conviction has a sense of an “aha” experience or a sense of “yep this is this or this is that” and it leads you to feeling positive or a sense of firm direction or decision.

( these are just my thoughts, sorry it went on 😯 8) )

Anthony Venn-Brown
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October 9, 2008, 17:06

Certainly there would be plenty of examples in history where people have acted or delivered messages “in the name of god” inappropriately!!

You may find this interesting….. a new blog I’ve just created.

“The Great Heresy – Homosexuality is a sin”

i like what you say magsdee that sometimes you end up with a whole lot more unanswered questions, yet it is in this place that you can begin a new kind of spiritual connection –

Its a fabulous place to live………living in the mystery…..not knowing is a far better place. We’ve come from a culture that prides itself in having all the answers but in saying they know the truth they reveal their ignorance.

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October 10, 2008, 18:47

What there are no answers?!!! All this time I’ve been searching for definate facts and accurate figures and irrefutable evidence and there is NONE?!! 😆 😆 😆

Unbelievable. The joy of living in the mystery tends to be a matter of opinion I think 😉

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October 11, 2008, 10:08

Once upon a time Sandy I would have reacted that way for real. I was so determined that there were absolutes in basically all things. Being a parent, going through an ugly divorce, parenting on my own, working in church, beign disillusioned by church, some prayers were answered in my favour and some not, and coming out has really changed my views alot on a great many things.

Many say the bible is absolute truth, that our life experiences are besides the point. However, the whole bible is full of experiences of individuals/peoples. What is one’s life if not life experience??

anyway, i could really get into this discussion and it would just tire me and bore everyone else lol.

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October 11, 2008, 11:35

Not boring Terry at all 😉 thing is many people wont agree with the life experience aspect until they experience a bit more of life and have a few more years behind them themselves and the funny thing is, they wont even agree with this point even for the mere reason as stated 😯 😆 but still I do think its a relevant topic and the bible is full of peoples individual experience of God, no one has had exactly the same experience and to this day and beyond no one ever will, thank God 😉

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October 11, 2008, 14:52

thing is many people wont agree with the life experience aspect until they experience a bit more of life and have a few more years behind them themselves

Ohhh Maggie did you just pull the AGE card? 😆 😆

I think I got in trouble with the whole morality/experience/bible/homosexuality thing before about eight thousand times so I’ll try to keep my mouth shut… kind of. I just have one comment.

Experience isn’t measured in years. I am only almost 25 and I have had quite an number of experinces that most people here never have. I will also never in my entire lifetime experience some of the things other people will. The only way that experience can be coupled with morality is if you comit to the idea that what defines morality and what exists apart from it (immorality) is determined by that persons own, individual experiences. If that were true then we wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) have laws because they are an arbitrary indicator of right or wrong that does not give consideration to individual moralities.

The only way that works is if there is no universal morality for anything at all. Why then would it be wrong to kill? To steal? To rape? In some peoples experiences and world views this is perfectly acceptable. In Bali many drug dealers are sentenced to death, in China communism means that all I have worked for, all that would be considered mine in a capitalist society is not mine at all. In Uganda young women are raped at 14 or 15 by their husbands who own them like animals. Is this moral if it can be justified by their experiences and culture or does there have to be some uniserval, absolute standards? Like I said, living in the mystery is a matter of opinion and I havn’t even touched on God the bible or homosexuality yet! Don’t worry Anthony… I’m stopping here 😉

Joined in 2006
October 11, 2008, 17:04

LOL age????????? 😆 I dont necessarily mean life experience, when I mention the age thing 😯 😉 theres just a quiet understanding of things you dont have that you get later that I cant put into words or describe, maybe its more like a good cheese, the longer you leave it sit, the more the flavours can mix and such and it just tastes different, gives a different aroma 😀 ( I know its also a bit woofy (smelly) 😆 but hey so is parmesan but yummmmmmmm!!! 8) )

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October 12, 2008, 15:01

well what i meant, at the risk of getting heavy and depressing …

life experience versus what people read into what the bible says – why does one person get ‘healed ‘ from cancer while the other dies and both went to the same church, both went to the prayer meetings, both paid their tithe and gave offerings and both had lovely families?

Why does one child, through no fault of their own, have a horrible up bringing and their next door neighbour had a great one?

According to so many, your faith lacks etc if you do not overcome and have your life change to be one of good things

yet so many must endure pain and suffering, have great attitudes and pray continually for miraclulous provision etc and still nothing changes.

I use to be one that held to the bible as being the Word of God where he would ‘come through’ and you would see changes in bad circumstances etc. But the reality is that even in the bible some had crap lives, were faithful but situations in their lives did not change or even got worse while others, it did get better. This is where i see the bible and God as being very personal/individual.

I do not understand how he throws that dice, how some get this in their life and others get that

but if we live our life in envy/jealousy, comparing ourselves to others, being told and believing we are less than they are who have got great stuff in their life then we lose out on happiness we can have, regardless of our circumstances in life.

We need to keep sweet in our attitude as much as we can, if nothing else for our own sanity.

sometimes i think glory goes to God just as much if not more when we can smile even when our life is crappy, compared to someone else close around us/in church or wherever. They may judge you, saying you are doing something wrong or whatever but the truth is so often the opposite. Why do some business people for example, just get richer and richer have all they need and want but rip people off?? Some even die rich etc etc so you can’t say they reaped their bad seed in this lifetime, some do some don’t. It is not the same for all is what i am meaning. There is not one rule for all in this life.

i do not see in life experience what is preached from the pulpits, at least the pulpits i have listened to. Bad things happen to good people. Like it or lump it. It is what you do with those experiences whether good or bad that causes happiness or despair.

Not, ‘give more in the offering’ or ‘pray harder’. or repeat like a parrot these verses.

not sure if i have made sense

Joined in 2006
October 12, 2008, 16:10

yep perfect sense, I agree whole heartedly, its like Paul said rejoice or still keep going no matter what happens and Jesus never said we would be “rescued” from….life!!!! 😯 but we have someone greater to help us get through when bad things happen.

I could gripe and carry on as to “why me’ re: my MS and there are the few times I do but I have it (amongst other things) and my attitude is “what can I do with what I have in the now that I “can” use?” and many times I forget I even have it. Plus it helps having good people around you.

Its sad but it is belted from many a pulpit, that we need to do this or do that, give this or give that and I will get thus and so and if I havent received the thus and so then I have no faith or some unconfessed sin in my life, havent given enough or I dont really believe…….how misleading. 😡

I still believe for my healing and I may until the day I die but whether I get healed or not or get what I want is besides the point, is my heart with God in the nothing or somethings or only in the provision? Hopefully, at all times.

I remember one girl with MS(multiple sclerosis) at a healing meeting (or so called 🙄 ) she stood up and walked without her walker, almost ran 3 feet only to fall over unhealed, she had the faith but nothing!!

It was biblical, for how many just stood up took off and as they went were healed in the bible, yet this girl didnt, so it doesnt always happen as it is written, God is not the same with everyone in how he deals with us, of course his love is constant but our “lives” as he decides not.

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