Time for humour - do you have a funny story, joke,quote etc?

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April 19, 2008, 04:33

L!!!!!! M!!!!!!!A!!!!!!!!O!!!!!!!!!


Awww, my sides hurt!! LOL!!!!!

….”I found the remote….”



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April 21, 2008, 00:46

I read through all those jokes… they are just so funny. Thanks for sharing. Ummmm LMAO – is that Laughing My Arse Off? That’s so cute! Giggles.

I got a joke… actually heard it from a lovely elderly lady at the Acceptance Church in Newtown sharing it with her gay friend. This was on good friday so I had a good giggle.

A couple goes to Jersalem for their holiday. While there the man’s wife passed away suddenly.

The funeral director said to him that to burry her in Jersalem would cost $500 but to take her back to USA would cost him $10,000. He ponders on that for a while and said that he would pay $10,000. The director said… mate, its only $500 here… why pay $10,000?

The man responded with “Well I ain’t burying my wife here because the last time someone died here,,, he rose after three days!”

🙄 😆 🙄

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April 21, 2008, 04:33

😆 😆 😆 Yet another good one!

where are my symbols….. pa dump ching!!! 😆 😆

oh yes. lauging 101.

LMAO! = lauging my arse? (so cute) off.

ROFL! = rolling on floor lauging

or of course 😆 😆 😆 😆

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April 21, 2008, 08:22

haaaaaaaa 😆 good one Craig 😆 My Dad would probably take that offer too 😆

Anthony Venn-Brown
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April 22, 2008, 13:03

The Baptist Dog

Ever mindful of the congregation, the Baptist preacher and his wife decided to get a new dog, and knew that the dog also had to be a Baptist. They visited kennel after kennel and explained their needs. Finally, they found a kennel whose owner assured them he had just the dog they wanted. The owner brought the dog to meet the pastor and his wife.

“Fetch the Bible,” he commanded. The dog bounded to the bookshelf, scrutinized the books, located the Bible, and brought it to the owner.

“Now find Psalm 23,” he commanded. The dog dropped the Bible to the floor, and showing marvelous dexterity with his paws, leafed through and finding the correct passage, pointed to it with his paw.

The pastor and his wife were very impressed and purchased the dog. That evening, a group of church members came to visit. The pastor and his wife began to show off the dog, having him locate several Bible verses. The visitors were very impressed.

One man asked, “Can he do regular dog tricks, too?”

“I haven’t tried yet,” the pastor replied. He pointed his finger at the dog. “HEEL!” the pastor commanded. The dog immediately jumped on a chair, placed one paw on the pastor’s forehead and began to howl.

The pastor looked at his wife in shock and said, “Good Lord! He’s Pentecostal!”

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April 22, 2008, 18:46

😆 😆 very good 😆

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April 24, 2008, 18:29

From Frogger

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April 24, 2008, 21:10

this is a true story

my son has had a few issues in accepting me (his dad) as being a gay man

but is doing ok with things now

my car has been playing up something bad, he had a loan of it one afternoon this week and it was playing up on him

his good mate said he would look under the bonnet so my son pulled the lever to release the bonnet

his mate went to the front of the car but could not find the lever to unhinge the bonnet

he asked where is it?

my sons reply – ‘well it has a gay owner so it must be in the rear'[/b]

his mate fell down laughing and the two of them nearly wet themselves

then they came home and told me

then they laughed again and again and again


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April 25, 2008, 09:16

😆 😆 Now that isssssssss funny 😆 Very Cute 😉

Anthony Venn-Brown
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April 25, 2008, 12:59

LMAO……nice to have some humour to lighten up a tense situation.

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